Mission Statement:
Its been a long road since starting Hunterseeker Armory. I started it wanting to fill a gap in the market for extreme performance airsoft electronics. With my FET I broke the record for wattage output on an AEG pushing a staggering 160 watts. (35rps@>700fps) Other projects have been a supersonic airsoft rifle that had functional accuracy (1288fps) or running an AEG beyond 70rps. Over the years the game has changed, and Hunterseeker Armory shifted from an "I" to a "we," but the purpose has remained undiluted. We still strive to produce cutting edge products catering to the niche market of high performance users, from accuracy, to power, to output. Everything you will find here was designed to take the sport that one step further for those tech savvy users who just need more performance. Take a look around. Some of it is evolution, some revolution, and some just plain experimental, but without exception its all designed to outperform. Welcome to Hunterseeker Armory, I hope you enjoy your stay. Propositum absque compromissum.

Feel free to subscribe to the HSA Youtube channel. A blend of Airsoft, guns, knives, and whatever else catches HS5's fancy, its a variety show which may just attract the interest of like-minded techs. After all guns and knives are peanut butter and jelly. Don't forget to subscribe to the News Section either, where products, concepts, and general news-y HSA stuff spills out. Additionally, if you're looking for random useful airsoft tidbits, both newbies and experienced techs alike can likely learn something about upgrading/modification from HS5's ultimate airsoft compendium, hidden away in the HSA Subforum

In association with Extreme Fire of http://extreme-fire.com/, the makers of the world's most advanced fire control computers, I am qualified to offer fully warrantied installation and setup of their entire line of products. Extreme fire is THE NAME TO HAVE in fire control computers; for someone who wants nothing but the best there is no other choice.

I am also doing R&D for the latest Extreme Fire prototype computer which promises exciting new features like 30 millisecond trigger response regardless of the gun's ROF, as well as even more power handling capability.


 In association with Project Wolfdragon of http://pojectwolfdragon.com/, makers of THE BEST airsoft specific lipo monitoring boards, I now offer warrantied installation of all Wolfdragon monitoring boards. My line of mosfets are also compatible with the low voltage cutoff feature of the V4.X boards, although require the "trigger mod" option. Don't ruin your lipo, and potentially turn it into a small bomb; use a project wolfdragon monitoring board. (for maximum protection it is recommended to use one in conjunction with a self resetting fuse)

Airsoft Research Syndicate http://airsoftresearchsyndicate.com/ are the makers of some of the finest air seal and shock-absorption components available. 


Siegetek Concepts; further introduction is superfluous. The finest, period.

Mystikal, of mystikals-customs, is now producing Hunterseeker Armory FETs as well as precision airsmithing services.

Cheese Man Industries, a BASR specialist, aided in the development of the

Scatterplot maker of precision cut sorbo products and more: