Welcome to Health Sciences Academy Community Service Website.

A minimum of 150 hours of community service is required for all graduates of the Health Sciences Academy. At least 75 of those hours must be medically related. The hours are not earned simply for “volunteer” hours, but are earned for an actual service to the community. Hours will not be counted for time volunteering as a babysitter, pet sitter, helping around the house, etc. The idea is to be actively involved with an organization to help the greater community.

The following guideline should be followed each year for the Community Service requirement:

9th grade year: 30 hours of community service

10th grade year: minimum of 40 hours of community service

11th grade year: minimum of 40 hours of community service

12th grade year: minimum of 40 hours of community service

Examples of medically related community service hours: volunteering in any clinical site, including hospitals, medical offices (doctor, vet, dentist, etc.), assisted living homes, mentoring/teaching elementary school students science or health related topics (like the health fair), assisting at blood drives, participating in health awareness walks*, etc.

Effective starting 2015-2016 school year:

* 4 hours will be awarded for each health awareness walk the student participates in

* 1 additional hour will be awarded to each student who has a parent participate

* In order to be credited the service hours students must “Register” for the walk (this process will be explained in class), and participate (Participation is defined as either fundraising for the walk through the team website, volunteering to work at the walk, and/or completing a brief reflection to be submitted to your medical science teacher)

  • Community Service records must be submitted each year, electronically AND on paper. These hours are subject for verification. Hours that cannot be verified or do not follow the “community service” definition may not be counted towards the total goal.