Welcome to Home Scholars Academy (HSA)!

 HSA came about through the efforts of 3 home school parents wishing to provide a place for college bound high school students to pursue challenging coursework and to have supportive environment in which to take classes.  Having received positive feedback, HSA will embark on its second year during the 2016-2017 school year.   Home Scholars Academy is a secular cooperative where all are welcome.  The goal of HSA is to promote an academic and social environment where students feel comfortable talking about their values and beliefs.  HSA maintains an environment where different values and ideas are treated with respect, and where students are able to learn from one another throughout the year.   Both core academic classes and electives are offered.  Most are full year classes, though there are some electives which are one semester in length.

Several teen “get-togethers” will be scheduled during the year which typically take place on weekend nights for home school students age 13 and up.  These gatherings are open to all home school students, not just those who attend HSA.  Suggestions for activities and outings for future events are most welcome!  

 The 2016-2017 HSA Course Catalog is now available under the Courses 2016/2017 Tab above. Also, please check out our Forms and Docs where your can find a variety of administrative documents.