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Nickname: Wolf
Name: Elagen (EL-uh-gen, hard g.)
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Sexual Preferance: Homosexual
Location: High Reaches Weyr
Occupation: Woodcrafter/Forester
Rank: Journeyman
Important People:
    Finnagen - Little brother
    Gela - Older sister
    Finela - Mother
    Gentarn - Father

Theme song: The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Physical:  In a weyr full of beautiful people and ugly people, Elagen is firmly situiated right in the middle. While not bad on the eyes, neither is he someone who catches those eyes like some of the more striking beauties. Ruggedly attractive, or boyish, someone might be able to call him if they even bothered to look long enough to care. Short cropped light brown hair and skin that is neither pale nor tanned, and eyes that are a hazy shade of winter grey under thick, heavy brows that don't quite cut out across the bridge of his nose. His pointed nose. . . Just a bit too large for his face, dominates his features above lips that are a smidge too plump and pink to be particularly manly. A scruffy, dark swath of untrimmed beard covers his chin and upper lip, though it's not always so dishevaled, sometimes he grows it longer, sometimes it's shaved completely smooth. His chin is clefted with a cute little dimple among the short stubble.

His body is well toned, from turns of work out in the forests, keeping them healthy and hunting for his Lord Holder. He's not tall, standing at five feet five inches, but he's leggy and lanky, almost to the point of being gangly. He -would- be gangly if it wasn't for the supple muscling he's developed over his life. His hands are large, with long, boney fingers.

Personality:  While he doesn't look like too much on the outside, Elagen has a beautiful soul. That's not to say he doesn't have his failings. His eyes, though a drab grey, are quite expressive of his inner feelings, which he wears on his sleeve more often than not. He's not a man who can hide his emotions very well at all. There to read like a book, Elagen is quick to anger, quicker to forgive and seems to fall in love at the drop of a hat. Emotionally invested in life, his tender heart is one of his greatest assets, but is also one of his most dangerous hinderances. Easily is his trust broken, his heart shattered. While he does not mope around or cause himself harm when these things happen. He simply sighs, forgives them, and moves on. Cautious perhaps for a short time, then right back to his over invested self. He doesn't let life get him down for long, even if it does let him down on a relatively regular basis. . . If only he could find someone who wouldn't "use'm and loose'm". . .Someone to love who would love him back. . .

That is what the man wants most. Someone to love, to serve with all his soul.

Elagen is definately -not- a leader. He has no desire for power even in the slightest. He's not even capable of telling his subordinates what to do at his work in the forests. He becomes self concious, doubtful, even scared. What if he should lead someone wrong? What if he gave them the wrong information? No. . . The Forester is one who is definately a follower. Tell him what to do and he'll do it well, sometimes even with ease. He loves to please, loves seeing people smile. . .

Perhaps that's why it's so easy to take advantage of the man. He so dearly wants to make you happy. . .

History: Born at Lemos Hold, his family were all foresters. From his great-great-grandfather, to his little brothers, sisters and cousins. His father was a kindly, no-nonsense man and his mother was distant, somewhat hermitic. Both of his parents were deeply immersed in their work. He was raised more by his older sister, Gela, than by either parental unit.

He grew up among the tall trees of the Lemos Forest quite happily. When he was twelve he apprenticed to the Foresters, but rather than finding skill with the keeping of the Lord Holder's land, his talent lay more with creating decorative wooden items and furnature. While it wasn't exactly breaking the tradition of his family, it was somewhat disappointing to his parents.

When his little brother, a boy that Elagen helped raise along with Gela, drew the short straw to be sent to High Reaches, he put in for a transfer himself. There was no way he was letting his precious little brother go to that den of miscreants alone. . . And that was that.