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Courtney Smith's Food Column
This Week --- Food Fight: Truck vs. Telegraph

By Courtney Smith
    Web Content Editor

When I think of a place with excellent food, I imagine myself at some awesome, dimly-lit restaurant where all of the patrons are either sophisticated 30-somethings in trenchcoats and elegant heels (read: good taste) or have dreadlocks or exotic tattoos (read: into authenticity). So this past weekend when I went to the Treasure Island flea market and realized I would have to eat food from a truck, I was expecting food of the caliber of stadium food. There were several trucks parked around the periphery of the flea market; a sunshine-colored truck called Drip which sold coffee and Numi tea, the San Francisco Soup Kitchen which sells soup and sandwiches, a fancy bus called ‘Le Truc’, and a bus called Kapow which claimed to have food infused with bold flavor. But ever the difficult pescetarian, I passed up all of these potential
meals which were skewed to the turkey sandwich with brie and cranberries or chunky clam chowder with bacon side of the spectrum. Finally, as luck would have it, I came to the last truck-- which was black and said ‘Veritas’ in pink letters. The first item on the menu was Lobster Penne with a cheese sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic bread, and was followed by many other lobster dishes with meat, so I paid my $14 and waited. As delicious as my lobster pasta sounded, I was taken back to a couple of years ago when I order a Tomato Caprese sandwich from the Coliseum and received dry bread with some watery tomato slices and mozzarella (and some other weird tangy sauce). From then on, I have always had the rule to order fancy food only from fancy places: food out of the belly of truck at a flea market seemed poised to disappoint. However, through the semi-tinted windows I realized that the men preparing the food were all wearing... chef uniforms? Suddenly I had a glimmer of hope, and when the meal came, I was astounded. Yes they had gone a touch too heavy on the asiago and white wine would have given the sauce more depth, but this was unquestionably delicious. I was officially a food truck convert.

Hours later, I found myself in the rain on Telegraph (Oakland) looking for a place to eat dinner. Pizziaolo, Doña Tomas, and Burma Superstar all had hour-plus wait lists (it was 6:30pm on a Saturday night and I have terrible planning skills). A desperation for dinner and hatred/fear of rain drove me into Lanesplitter, a very laid back bar/pizza place, where I ordered garlic bread with blue cheese and red sauce, a pizza half Herbivore (spinach, mushrooms, olives, onion) and half Chicane (feta, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts), and Hearty Vegetarian Lasagna (mozarella, ricotta, mushrooms). And you know what? Every single dish was bland. I literally tried four different dishes and EVERY SINGLE DISH WAS BLAND! It’s moments like these that make me regret not carrying around a bottle of hot sauce in my bag. While I guess it’s to be expected that a place with openings on a Saturday night has the type of food that does not encourage repeat customers, this was such a disaster that Lanesplitter has officially shamed all brick-and-mortar establishments in my eyes (conversely, Veritas has redeemed all food trucks).

I don’t know if I’ll frequent Taco trucks over Los Comales (which is significantly better than Taqueria or, shudder, Chipotle), but right now the score is as follows: Food Trucks-- 1. Restaurants-- 0.

Students Prepare to Visit Ashland

By Abraham Wordsworth

Several people and I are all honestly excited for the drama department’s trip to Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare’s Festival during Spring break. This trip is one of a kind. Twenty lucky people, including myself, are going to Ashland for four days in which time we will see four plays. The participant list includes Chloe bash, Erica Boeckling, Lauren Boranian, Brandon Callender, Clare Schneider, Daniel Stadler, Shelby Stewart, Ellen Pelos, Andy Pelos, Prianka Misra and many more. The plays this year are Animal Crackers, a classic Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, The Seagull, and The White Snake. The participants are extremely excited to go on the trip. Senior Shelby Stewart says, “ This is will be my second year going on to Ashland and I am extremely excited to go back.” Stewart decided to go on the trip the first time because she had heard a lot of good things about the trip and because a lot of her friends are going, it would be a good bonding experience. Barry Barankin, who has been a chaperon on the trip for twenty years, agrees. “ It is a great bonding experience for everyone who goes because everyone has the same mindset, theater, a couple was actually formed one year on the trip that went out till they graduated”. This trip appeals to the all the thespian at heart, and it is great to have such a tremendous event occurring so close to home. Besides the bonding experience, actors and audience alike take a lot from this compacted trip. The Head Royce actors watch four plays and spend time actually discussing all the material they saw. They are even privileged enough to have the actors from the plays to come and join the discussion.

Many people also love going to Ashland because of the theatrical atmosphere. Barankin describes it as, “ A cute little town.” Ashland can be summed up into just one word, theater! The population generally includes actors, producers and playwrights. Because of the dense amount of actors, you see them everywhere, at the gas station, at the park, at the supermarket. With the ability to talk to these actors, audience members are able to delve deeper into the workings of the theater. I can speak for everyone else when I say we all can not wait for the trip!

Warriors Trade Away Two Home-Grown Stars

By Sammy Greenwall
    Sports Analyst

On March 14th the Golden State Warriors traded their franchise player and one of the top shooting guards in the league, Monta Ellis, for a highly injury prone center Andrew Bogut. Bogut is currently questionable on whether he will return any time during the remainder of the season. The deal also sent a package of rising star Ekpe Udoh, who gained a starting role just a few weeks ago for ex-Warriors Steven Jackson who left Golden State in 2009 saying he "hated the franchise."

Obviously, after this deal went down, the majority of Warrior fans were in total anger and discontent. The management had screwed up multiple times before, signing Biedrins to a 6 year 62 million dollar contract, passing up on people such as Josh Smith and Amare Staudemire in the draft, and trading for players who turned into busts while not picking up players such as Danny Granger and Kobe Bryant. Anyways, this news made Warrior fans extremely unhappy and left in total question to what they were thinking.

Fortunately, the Warriors traded Stephen Jackson, the person who wanted nothing to do with the organization, for a veteran small-forward Richard Jefferson of the Spurs as well as a 1st round draft pick in 2012. The Warriors have lost all rights to a first round draft pick that they traded to the Jazz unless they finish amongst the seven worst teams in the entire NBA. The Warriors biggest run in the last decade was a short one year stint in the playoffs and have since done nothing more then finish below .500 season after season.

After much frustration at the management and in particular at new owner Joe Lacob who "promised a championship within five years" the fans had had enough and let him know Monday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. A night that was dedicated to honoring hall-of-famer Chris Mullen turned into a night of loud booing and anger at owner Joe Lacob. The ceremony was held at half time during the game and after Mullin finished his speech and handed the mic to Lacob non-stop booing occurred. Mullin and Rick Barry tried to calm everyone down but it turned into five long minutes of awkwardness as Lacob was shamelessly booed away. Warrior fans have showed enough patience and let it all out at the management who have not been able to claim a championship since 1975.

School Announces Campus Expansion

By Max Stayman

On Monday, March 19, the School announced via email that it has "entered into a contract to purchase the 7.8 acres of property across the street form our campus, currently the site of the Lincoln Child Center...." This comes as a part of the roll out of the new phase of the School's Master Plan, the last phase of which oversaw renovation of the library, addition of the New Building, and the Foreign Language Building, among other changes.

The recent expansion is a continuation of the School's effort to "strengthen our mission and better serve our students now and in the future." Among possible uses of the new campus facility would be a performance and exhibition center, expanded recreation spaces for the Lower and Middle Schools, athletic fields and a competition sized swimming pool, and space allocated to the Summer Enrichment Program.

The Board of Trustees and the Administration carefully considered the advantages and possible drawbacks of the expansion, and conducted "economic stress tests" to determine whether or not it would be a viable plan moving forward for the School; they concluded that the School is "positioned strongly" to achieve the next phase of the Master Plan, and will launch a significant capital campaign to fund the development.

 The Board is very clear that "great schools do not stand still," and the Master Plan is their effort to continually evolve, improve, and thrive as the School moves into the future.


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