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Helping Hands

My grandma & grandpa.

Helping Hands is inspired & dedicated to my own grandmother, who fought cancer for 30 years.
From her I learned Faith, Strength, and Courageousness.
Helping Hands
in association with the Pink Ribbon Girls!

Do you have a loved one that is unable to clean their home
because of age or an illness? Helping Hands may be the
program you are looking for.
Our program offers one hour of FREE house cleaning services.
Within the hour, we start first with the most important
areas of the home.
*Kitchen & *Bathroom, then we move room by room.
How it works.....
1.  Call our office and mention you are interested in our
"Helping Hands" program.
2.  Determine if your loved one qualifies. -to qualify, your loved one
must be unable to clean or do basic household chores,
because of age or an illness. (see all qualifications
3.  Schedule a time and day that is best for us to clean.
Donations are accepted and appreciated. Please send all donations to the Pink Ribbon Girls, or simply click on their logo below to donate.
Thank you
Pink Ribbon Girls
Learn more about Pink Ribbon Girls