Lady Hrosvitha von Celle
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Per pale sable and gules, a fret and on a point pointed argent a pair of shears inverted sable.

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Master Eadric the Potter, Ironwood Pottery

Master Miguel, Spanish Peacock Woodwooking
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Persona Story:

Hrosvitha von Celle, known to most as Vitha, was born in Celle, a small town in northern Germany. The daughter of a local woodcarver and a migrant gypsy, she learned at an early age about independence. When Vitha was only a 3 year old babe, her mother decided she had been in one place too long and took back to the road. As a result, Vitha's memory of her mother is quite vague. Her father raised her as best he could as a single parent. Not wanting her to be left without marketable skills he taught her music, cooking self defense, and oddly enough, sewing.

At the age of 15, Vitha decided to set out to find her mother. Although her father was not thrilled with this prospect, he prepared her as best he could, providing her with portable musical instruments, and weapons to defend herself with. Having become an accomplished seamstress and baker, Vitha worked her way to Paris, France, the fashion capital. There she met Aramis de Cantigny, a merchant marine who happened to have a lovely load of brocades that week. Taking a liking to him and he to her, the two set out to sell wares together.

Vitha and Aramis also know a thing or two about music. In fact, they can make really lovely music together. Their two most recent collaborations are Jamie (Bella) and Sam.

Vitha began life in the SCA in 1996 in the Colligium of Svathy Sebestia in the Middle Kingdom, Principality (now Kindgom) of Northshield. She moved to the Canton of Kapellenburg, (Barony of Windmaster’s Hill, Kingdom of Atlantia). Upon completing her education, she moved yet again to the Barony of Ponte Alto. She now resides just a bit further north in the Barony of Lochmere, but she maintains close ties to Ponte Alto & her family in Northshield.

Name documentation

Vitha apprenticed to Master Tirloch of Tallilich at 12th night, 1/8/ 2005. Photos are here

Vitha is also the sole proprietor of TailorMade Garments, specializing in 14th century undergarments and custom clothing since 2004.



  • 2007- Present Officer of Youth Activities (Minister of Minors), Barony of Lochmere, Kingdom of Atlantia

  • 1995-1996 – Chatelaine, Collegium of Svate Sebestia, (Now) Kingdom of Northshield

  • 1995 - Autocrat, Hertzkrieg I, Svate Sebestia, Middle Kingdom

Feasts cooked: (link to separate page with menus)

  • 2001- Performer’s symposium (Ponte Alto) (German, 1450s) - Head cook

  • 2003 – Ein Klein Fest mite in Grosse Essen, (Ponte Alto) Kitchen Assistant to Master Tirloch Recipe Book

  • 2005 – Baronial Investiture (Lochmere) – Head lunch cook

  • 2005 - Masters of Defense (Lochmere), kitchen assistant to Roswitha of Suanesffeld

  • 2006 - Feast of Charlemagne (Lochmere) (Roman, early period) - Head Cook   Recipe Book

  • 2007 Revel w/o a Cause (Ponte Alto) – Kitchen Assistant to Master Tirloch

  • 2008 Night on the Town (Lochmere) (Italian, late period) – Head Cook Recipe Book

  • 2008 Tournament of Chivalry (Storvik) – Kitchen assistant to LLT & Orla


  • AOA – 3/7/94 Middle

  • Purple Fret - 9/9/95 (Service Award) – Middle

  • Companion of the Garland 11/16/02 – Atlantia (Ponte Alto)

  • Royal Baker, 2004 Atlantia

  • Companion of the Pearl 1/8/05 (A&S) Atlantia

  • Companion of the Blasted Oak 1/28/06 – (Service) Atlantia (Lochmere)

  • Companion of the Opal 3/4/06 – (Service) Atlantia

  • Companion of the Eagle’s Feather – 1/26/08 (A&S) Atlantia

  • Award of the Silver Nautilus 4/12/08 (A&S) Atlantia - Making cheese for NOTT Feast 2008

  • Award of the Silver Nautilus Jan 2009 (A&S) Atlantia  - Making cheese for feast of 400 (12th night)


    Classes Taught

    • Kindergarb – Suggestions and Thoughts for Making Children's Garb (1/12/03)
    • Advanced Sewing Techniques: How To Make It Look Like That,  Known world costume symposium 2004
    • Shibori – the art of Japanese Tie-Dying (Univ, Pennsic)

    • Help my Garb Fits funny! (Univ, Pennsic)

    • Beer & Bread – co-taught with Michael von Schonsee – East Kingdom Cooks 2005?

    • Fun with Bias – Atlantian University

    Special Projects/ Documentation

    • Cheese! Glorious Cheese! 2008, KASF

    • St. Luke's Tourney - 7 days of milk into Cheese project,  October 2008 Documentation here

    • Translation of the Gebacken Section of Rumpolt’s Cookbook

    •      Gebacken #20

    • Royal Cloaks – Construction of the cloaks and coordination of application of embroidered rondels

    • Lion & Rose Pasty, 2002

    • German Saxon Lady’s Clothing from the Reformation 2003, Klein Fest


    Known Associations: