Mouse to Joystick

software emulation

Software joystick with autocenter and throttle controled by mouse!

 I've been trying to find a good mouse to joystick converter (i.e. mouse-joystick emulator) because I wanted to play some flightsims and only have digital joystick (prefect for arcades on MAME, but not with flight). I've always played TIE-Fighter with mouse and it was great but X-Wing Vs. TIE-Fighter is joystick only. So my main purpose was to mimic the mouse control of TIE-Fighter.

 There turned out to be very few programs that could do something like this. And most of them did not do what I wanted.

 The essential you need is PPJoy - this provides virtual emulated joystick. There are some alternatives for mouse conversion.

1. PPJoy 0.83 internal PPJoyMouse - works ok, but does not have autocenter and thus makes targeting very tricky. This is written by Deon van der Westhuysen.

2. PPMouse v.0.2beta (also known as PPJoystick 0.2beta) by exec228 - has much more control than the previous one, has keyboard key based centering but is very hard to find (a page on a Russian forum) and also performs awfully strange in the game.

3. GlovePIE 0.29 by Carl Kenner - this one does many things and allows scripting - so what I've done is a script for it. It requires installed PPJoy, it has a very basic mouse to joystick script. I've done a new one. 

 My script allows using the mouse wheel as a throttle - 8 levels (that's what a single turn without lifting a finger on my mouse gives me), has autocenter - if you don't move mouse the joystick position gradually changes to 0,0, and a sticky corners (no autocenter if x or y axis is at the edge). There it is - advanced mouse to joystick script. If you have any comments, drop me a line. I read the other email also.

 Please note that this was done to mimic the behavior of the mouse controlling TIE-Fighter. I have done another version of the script which allows setting the x and y sensitivity, and the autocenter speed. I am also thinking to implement a non-sticky non-linear autocenter function (very slow, then fast, then slow), which would allow to move your mouse above the desk to change the position. As i don't have analog joystick I cannot measure the autocenter pattern and speed of a real joystick to implement it.