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 Faculty In Charge - Networks, Server and Information Systems, IIIT Sricity

Actively looking for a PhD candidate in the area of 'Signal Processing and Wireless Communications' in collaboration with IIIT Hyderabad. Being from a sponsored project, Registration Fees and Stipend would be covered.
Research Student would have an option of spending time at either Hyderabad or Sricity (Chennai)

Further, looking for bright research candidates for PhD from Industry (HP, CISCO, Intel, etc.) or from Organizations such as DRDO/ISRO/CSIR & NET 
Candidates are welcome to contact me at hvraman@iiits.in

Dr. Hrishikesh V Raman currently works as an experienced faculty, in-charge of Networks, Server, Information Systems with the Center for Smart Cities (CSC), the first-of-its kind research center in the newly established MHRD sponsored Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Sricity, Chittoor District, India.

Prior to joining CSC, IIIT Sricity, Dr. H.V Raman worked as a Technical Architect in the CTO office, Network Technology Unit of Tech Mahindra, India for 2 years. Here, he was involved in developing algorithms, building solutions and contributing to ETSI-based consortium in the area of virtualization. 

Previously, Dr H V Raman has been a Principal Investigator and Research Fellow with the Irish national research center - The RINCE Institute, in Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland. Notably, he has also served as Project Manager and has been the Research Investigator of three projects, two of them funded by Enterprise Ireland, while the third one is funded by Indo-Irish research initiative

Research Areas: 
Dr. H.V. Raman has strong interests in the development of networking and communication aspect for Smart Cities, especially LTE, Cellular to Wi-Fi, Networking, Vehicular Communications and Analytics based Recommender Systems

If any motivated student is interested in working with me (for Master's, PhD or as Research Associates), please mail me at the following address.

Contact Details:
Email: hrishikesh.v.raman@gmail.com