About Me

Bienvenidos to Hector A. Rios's Google Site.

I am currently an Application Developer over at Switchfast Technologies Chicago. For my education, I attended Loyola University Chicago where I majored in Mathematics and minored in Actuarial Science. I walked in May 2011, but received my official degree in August 2011.

I stumbled across Switchfast Technologies via the website, Reddit. There, I found out about the job and applied for the Help Desk position. Due to the changing structure of the company, I was moved over to the Networks Operations Center to supervise backups and perform server maintenance. After a few months, I asked for a lateral movement into the Applications Developer position.

At the moment, I am studying on the side to become a certified Actuary. I have taken Exam P but failed it. Instead of being discouraged, I am using this as a learning experience to understand my personal study habits and improve upon them. In addition, I have taken up electronics, music, and programming as personal hobbies. Some work that I have worked on are small applications to solve mathematical problems in Project Euler. Some websites that I frequently visit include Reddit, Zen Habits, Lifehacker, and PopURLs.
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