Reasons Why Soccer is Good For You

Although Soccer is “the greatest” sport in the world, (Yes, I said it. You know you were thinking the same thing) it is so much more than that. Playing Soccer will help you develop many skills, characteristics, and relationships that will not only benefit you on the Soccer field, but throughout your lifetime. If you ask anyone who has played Soccer their whole life, I guarantee you, they will agree with this concept.


For the purpose of this article I have constructed a list of 6 beneficial effects playing Soccer will have on your life (believe me; I probably could have gone closer to 50):

1)      Soccer helps you build Communication and Teamwork skills. Playing on a Soccer team will help you later on in life, whether it is in any other sport and team atmosphere, your personal and family life, or in the workforce.  The ability to work effectively in a team setting is a skill that will prove useful time and time again.

2)      Soccer helps you to develop strong Friendships. If I looked at the amount of friends I have made and still have to this day, a large majority of them have come from the Soccer community. Without a doubt, I know these people will continue to be a major part of my life in years to come and I am grateful for that.

3)      Soccer will teach you Discipline. As you advance in your Soccer career and begin to play at a higher and higher level, I ensure you; you will take one important lesson with you. If you want to improve at “anything” it takes hard work and discipline. A commitment to improvement is something you will learn to apply in all areas of your life, not only Soccer.

4)      Soccer will provide you with valuable “Connections”. The relationships you build playing Soccer can develop into much more than healthy friendships. Your teammates, soccer coaches, trainers, and other members in the Soccer community all lead lives outside of Soccer. Perhaps, in the future these people may play a part in getting you that job you always wanted or approving that business loan you so desperately needed.

5)      Soccer teaches you it is possible to overcome Adversity. If you have learned one thing form playing Soccer it should be that anything is possible with a little hard work and dedication. This concept should be (and must be) applied into all other areas of your life, if you want to experience the same success you have experienced on the Soccer field, off the Soccer field.  

6)      Soccer improves your Health & General Fitness.  Besides the fact Soccer is a great release for your competitive nature and a ton of fun, it is also a fantastic form of exercise. In the long run, playing Soccer will do more good for your body then you could ever imagine. Playing Soccer on a consistent basis will keep you off the couch, out of trouble, improve your physical fitness, and do wonders for your general health.  


These are only a few of the benefits playing Soccer can have on your life.
If you have some important ideas you would like to share, feel free to leave comments and get into a discussion.

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