HRHS Student Reviews
Book reviews done in written, audio and book trailer format

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Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie written by David Lubar

(reviewed by an eighth grader)

Scot, a new freshman at the local high school is just a normal kid. He enjoys reading, writing, has decent grades and a few friends. When he leaves for the bus stop he sees that Julia, a girl he has known since kindergarten, has changed into the girl of his dreams. Yet he can't manage to say anything to her. After meeting other kids the first day isn't going well. he had his lunch money taken and got lost going to almost all of his classes. During the weeks that follow he finds out that his mom is going to have a baby! He chooses to write about his experiences in high school for his baby sibling and for future generations. The book was a delight to read and entices the reader. This book can be found in the fiction section of the library or with the new books on the shelves in the back of the library.

Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City written by Kirsten Miller

(reviewed by an eighth grader)

Speak written by Laurie Halse Anderson

(reviewed by a tenth grader)

Speak was a very good book. The way the author portrays and expresses the feelings of the main character, Melinda, is very well done. the reader will feel the emotions of the characters and each chapter will leave you dying for more.

The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins

(Book Trailer)