A selection of books from the division library will be available at winter meetings. If you would like to borrow a specific book or DVD from the list below, please email the librarian in advance:

Books are available for members to borrow at a nominal charge of 20p per month. DVDs at 50p per month

If you can’t attend the monthly meeting you can return your book by post or in person to:

Claire Robins at Hoath Farm Cottage, Church Rd,  Mountfield TN325LJ

Please don’t forget to return books that you have borrowed, they are a resource for all members.

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A Bee Booklet of Recipes and notes  Somerset, BKA (1981)  Beekeeping produce Book 
A Case of Hives Heath, L. (1985)  General Book 
A Guide to Bees and Honey Hooper, T. (2008)  General Book 
An introduction to Bees and Beekeeping Scottish BKA (1980)  General Book 
An Introduction to Keeping Bees Second Site Productions (2008) General DVD 
A Simple Two-Queen System. Brown, R. (1980)  General Book 
At the Hive Entrance Storch, H. (1985)  General Book 
A World Without Bees. Benjamin, A. and McCallum B. (2006)  General Book 
Backyard Bee keeping  Scott, W. (1977)  General Book 
Beautiful Queens & Honey Too! Brierley & Fields (1995)  General Book 
Beekeeping A Seasonal Guide Brown, R. (1985) General Book 
Beekeeping For Dummies. Blackliston, H. (2002) General Book 
Beekeeping in Australia Redpath, N. (1990) General Book 
Beekeeping Senior Study notes BBKA Practical Yates, J.D. and Yates B.D. (1991)  Examination book Book 
Beekeeping Study notes BBKA Basic Yates, J.D. and Yates B.D. (1999)  Examination book Book 
Beekeeping Study notes Modules 1,2,3,4  Yates, J.D and Yates B.D. (1996) Examination book Book 
Beekeeping Study notes Modules 5-8 Yates, J.D and Yates B.D. (1996)  Examination book Book 
Beekeeping Study notes to BBKA Husbandry Yates, J.D. and Yates B.D. (2002)  Examination book Book 
Bees and Beekeeping  Diemer, I. (1988)  General Book 
Bees and Mankind Free, J. B. (1982)  General Book 
Bees at the Bottom of the Garden. Campion, A. (2001)  General Book 
Beeswax Brown, R. (1980) Beekeeping produce Book 
Beeswax Soap. White, E.C. (1996) Beekeeping produce Book 
Better Beginnings for Beekeepers Waring, A. (1995) General Book 
British Bee Plants  Harwood, A. F. ( ) Plants for bees Book 
Bumblebees. Feltwell, J. (2009)  General Book 
Complete Guide to Beekeeping. Evans, J. (1989)  General Book 
Devon ARG (1992)  Living with Varroa General Book 
Dictionary Of Beekeeping Terms. Crane, E. E. (1951)  General Book 
Field Guide to the Bumblebees of Great Britain and Ireland Edwards, M. and Jenner, M. (2005)  General Book 
Form and Function of the Honey Bee. Goodman, L. (2003)  General Book 
Hints and Tips for Preparing Exhibits for the Show Johnson, M. General Book 
Hive Cosmetics Krochmal, C. (1991)  Beekeeping produce Book 
Home Honey Production. Bielby, W. B. (1977)  General Book 
Honeybee Biology Free, J. B. (1970)  General Book 
Honeybee Brood Diseases  Hansen, H General Book 
Honeybees Feltwell, J. (2012)  General Book 
Honeybees A Guide To Management Brown, R. (1988) General Book 
Honey by the Ton. Field, O. (1983)  General Book 
Honey Days. Field, O. (1990)  Examination book Book 
Honey Marketing Riches. H. R. C. (1989)  Beekeeping produce Book 
Honey Plants Manual Lovell, H. (1956)  Beekeeping produce Book 
Honey & your health. Beck, B. F. and Smedley, D. (1947)  Beekeeping produce Book 
Introduction To New Beekeeping Dartington, R. (2006)  General Book 
Keeping Bees Beckley, P. (1985)  General Book 
Keeping Healthy Honey Bees Aston, D and Bucknall, (2010)  General Book 
Making Mead Acton, B. & Duncan, P. (1983)  Beekeeping produce Book 
Mead Making, Exhibiting and Judging  Riches, H. R. C. Beekeeping produce Book 
Natural Beekeeping  Conrad. (2012)  General Book 
Nectar Producing Plants and Their Pollen  Hayes, G. (1925)  Plants for bees Book 
Oilseed Rape & Bees. Calder, A. (1986) Plants for bees Book 
Parasites Of The Honey Bee. Coffey, M. F. (2007)  General Book 
Pedigree Bee Breeding In Western Europe. British Isle Bee Breeders Assoc (1983)  General Book 
Plants and Beekeeping Howes, F. N. (1979)  Plants for bees Book 
Plants and Honeybees: their relationships. Aston, D and Bucknall, S. (2014)  General Book 
Plants for Bees Kirk, W. D. J. and Howes, F.N. (2012)  Plants for bees Book 
Practical Beekeeping De Bruyn, C. (2003) General Book 
Practical Beekeeping Tomkins, E. and Griffiths R. M (1977)  General Book 
Practical Bee Keeping Howe, R. J. (1980) General Book 
Practical Microscopy for Beekeepers Maurer, B. (2012) General Book 
Propolis the Natural Antibiotic Hill, R. (1981)  Beekeeping produce Book 
Queen Breeding for Amateurs Abbott, C. P. (1951) General Book 
Queen Rearing Dews, J. E. and Milner E. (1993)  Examination book Book 
Queen Rearing Simplified. Cook, V. (1986)  General Book 
Royal Jelly Donadieu, Dr. ( ) Beekeeping produce Book 
Seed Catalogue For Beekeepers. British Isle Bee Breeders Assoc. (1990)  Plants for bees Book 
Sixty Years with Bees Sims, D. (1997)  General Book 
Sixty years with Smoker and Veil Skilling, R.N.H. (1991)  General Book 
Starting out with Bees. Williams, J. (2010)  General Book 
Swarm Prevention. Werner, H. E. (1979)  General Book 
Teach Yourself Beekeeping Vernon, F. (1986)  General Book 
Teach Yourself Beekeeping. Waring, A. and C. (2006)  General Book 
The Archaeology Of Beekeeping. Crane, E. E. (1983) General Book 
The Barefoot beekeeper  Chandler (2009) General Book 
The BBKA guide to Beekeeping Davis, I. and Cullum-Kenyon, R. (2012)  General Book 
The Beekeepers Annual  Phipps, J. (2009) General Book 
The Beekeeper’s Handbook  Sammataro, D. & Avitable, A. (1978)  General Book 
The Biology of the Honeybee. Winston, M.L. (1991)  General Book 
The Dartington Long Deep Hive. Dartington, R. (2005)  General Book 
The Healing Power of Pollen Hanssen, M. Beekeeping produce Book 
The Honeybee: A film by Gill Sentinella Wanabeefilms (2009) General DVD 
The Honeybee Around & About Davis, C. (2007)  General Book 
The Honeybee Inside Out Davis, C. (2004)  General Book 
The How to do it Book of beekeeping Taylor, R. (1994) General Book 
The New Comb Honey Book Taylor, R. (1981)  General Book 
The Observation Hive Showler, K. (1978) General Book 
The Social Organisation of Honey Bees. Free, J. B. (1993)  General Book 
The World Of The Honey Bee. Butler (1967) General Book 
Showing 88 items