"For so work the honey-
bees, creatures that by a rule in nature teach the act of order to a peopled kingdom." - William Shakespeare.

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Please browse the various links on this page, or use the search facility above - we hope you will find what you are looking for, however if you have any other questions we would be delighted to hear from you - see our Contact page for ways of getting in touch with us.

Our aims

As beekeepers we love our hobby - for some it is a business, to most it is a pastime for the care of honeybees :-)

 We belong to a divisional body called the British Beekeepers Association so that we can, as a group, provide our members with support, education opportunities, legal guidance, insurance and a huge range of social activities.

We hold regular meetings all year round; in the winter we hold talks and demonstrations so that come the spring, summer and autumn we can be out giving our bees the best care possible. Our summer meetings take place at the association apiary where hives are opened for inspection.(weather permitting!)

Every year we have shows that our members can enter their honey, honeycomb, wax, cakes, candles and photographs in.

We need to ensure that the bees we keep are at their healthiest as wild bees are decreasing in number.

Honey bee

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New to beekeeping ?


Keeping bees is a fascinating and rewarding hobby, and if you're just starting out (or thinking of doing so!) 
Do have a look at our Starting With Bees page.

We would also strongly recommend you join your local beekeeping association (these exist all over the country) who will be able to provide you information, training and guidance - at Hastings and Rother, we welcome non-members who would like to experience a "taster" of beekeeping before taking the plunge.  

See our Membership page for more details.

Swarms !

What is a swarm? It is a hanging cluster of bees, usually about the size of a football - often on a tree or shrub branch or perhaps on a fence or wall such as the one below. See our Swarms page for more information.

A typical swarm

What to do if I have a swarm of bees ?  
First of all, don't panic - a swarm is almost always perfectly safe. The bees have no thought of attacking anyone as they are preoccupied with finding a new home.

Please visit the swarms page on the BBKA website to find your nearest swarm collector who can give the bees a good home.