I practically grew up in the scene design shop of the Lewis & Clark College theatre.  My father taught scene design there so I spent many hours pounding together tables, chairs and what ever else I could dream of out of scraps.  I was even operating power tools while in 6th grade.  As such, I have been known to do some woodworking occasionally.  Although I enjoy it, I rarely find that I have the time for it.  However, to date I have made three items I am proud of.  

The first was a nightstand I am using in my bedroom right now.  I hope to supply a picture of it here soon.

The second is a bamboo desk top for my wife.  I built the bamboo desktop from an open box of bamboo flooring (so it was quite cheap) and a scrap piece of birch plywood which I bought from Home Depot for something like $5.  Bamboo is excellent to work with as it has no knots so it cuts like a dream.  Plus it is something like 25% harder than maple so it works great as a desk top with or without a writing pad.  Buying a sheet of bamboo would have been very expensive so I called up some stores which sold tongue and groove flooring and asked if any of them had any open boxes of bamboo.  One place did so I drove down and bought them on the cheap.  I then mounted the bamboo to the birch plywood, shaped it, stained and finished it.  The final desk top is VERY heavy, but when mounted on two filing cabinets it is very stable.  (Images to appear at some point)

The last item is an outdoor bench I made out of scrap mahogany my neighbor had left over from building his deck.  He, not I, bought the endangered wood, I just offered to take the scrap off his hands.  After 6 years the bench still looks just about brand new.  (Images to appear at some point)