For almost two years I was a member of the Intel iSpeak chapter of Toastmasters until I was transfered to a new building. While with iSpeak I completed the first three of the ten required speeches to obtain my Competent ToastMasters Award. After the transfer I took about a year and a half pause but as of 2006-11-29 I have joined with the Intel SpeakEasy club.

While with iSpeak I competed in the Humorous Speaking contest and made it all the way (through three contests) to the Division level contest where I placed second (out of about ten speakers). Only the person who placed at the top was able to move on to State but I did get a nice trophy.

I really enjoy speaking in front of people and although I still get the clammy hands and nervous sweats I also get a huge adrenaline rush and a feel of exhilaration. In the same respects I love giving training classes.

What follows are all a listing of the speeches I gave. Most speeches are intended to be given in 5 - 7 minutes and although I think they read okay, they really need to be preformed to come across as I intended.

  1. The Ice Breaker - Since this speech is used to introduce yourself to the club is usually contains a personal history so I am not going to be posting it here. This will hopefully be the only speech I don't post.
  2. Consider a Hybrid Car - I think I have lost this speech. It was not a very good speech even though I believed strongly in the subject. I think I tried to throw this together too quickly and it showed. I'm going to try to find this one to post if I have not destroyed it.
  3. Looking Cool - This is the speech I also gave for my humorous speaking contest.
  4. The Gingerbread House - The focus of this speech was "show what you mean" so I told the story of when I was little and created a gingerbread bunker to hold candy. The story is okay, but not as good as my Looking Cool speech. The ending was not very strong and story needed a few more weeks of polishing.
  5. I'm working on this speech now. The focus of this one is using vocal variety.