Joshua Gerth
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34 NW 1st Avenue, Suite 210 Portland, Oregon 97209
Developer (March 2007 - Present)

  • Automated C# SDK generation from Java SDK.
  • Enhancing and maintaining an Ontology search engine database in Java.


5200 Elam Young Parkway, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Design Integration Team (November 2004 - March 2007)

  • Developed in house application for performing custom netlist and layout edits for circuit design. Responsibilities: requirements gathering, framework design, implementing modules, and coordinating team efforts. The majority of the application was written in C++ with Qt for the graphical interface and utilized an SQL backend database.

Design Automation Team (February 2000 - November 2004)

  • Wrote tools to assist in the automation of the processor development cycle. Technologies included Perl, Python, C++ and SQL.
  • Wrote an issue tracking system in Python/Tk with a MySQL backend database.
  • Wrote an issue tracking system in Python/Tk with a MySQL backend database.
  • Taught database and software development classes.

System Support Team (November 1997 - February 2000)

  • Setup and administration of intranet web server on Apache.
  • Wrote CGI/perl tools for automating systems administration tasks.
  • Unix account management and general user support.
  • Setup and administration of department database systems.
  • Taught Perl programming classes.

Salem-Keizer Public School District

P.O. Box 12024, Salem, Oregon, 97309
Programmer Analyst/Systems Administrator (November 1995 - November 1997)
  • Primary administrator of the Internet gateway server (Solaris 2.5.1). Duties: arranging the purchase of the server, complete setup, and creating a suite of reporting/maintenance scripts.
  • Setup and administration of the Salem-Keizer Internet web server using Microsoft IIS 3.0 web server on Windows NT 4.0.
  • Setup and administration of a Microsoft SQL 6.0 server on Windows NT 4.0.
  • Design and creation of CGI applications for tracking and reporting school progress in district wide standardized tests using Win32-Perl with Microsoft SQL 6.0.

Pix Computer Systems USA

Technical Support Engineer (May 1995 - October 1995)
  • QA Engineer to create and run quality control tests for interface printing system to Canon GP55 copier printer.
  • Macintosh support programming.
  • Product demonstrator at technical expositions (BTA - Las Vegas, ITEC - Portland Oregon)

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

1945 SE Water Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97214-3354
Contract Programmer (March 1995 - July 1995)
  • Contract position to make changes to, and fix existing memory problems with an exhibit Macintosh program to be sold commercially. The application was written in C and used the Macintosh Toolbox API. (As of 2006 this application can still be seen and used on the OMSI floor in the Turbine Hall. Look for a computer kiosk with the Bridge Builder application.)

Open Source Projects

Rebound -
  • Project owner and developer for an open source game called Rebound which is a reimplementation of a Macintosh game from the 1990s called Diamonds. The game is written in C++ with SDL for the user interface and boost libraries for the parser and signal/slot communication.

htDig -
  • Project contributor for an open source web site search engine. Added SSL support to their 3.2 branch to enable the searching of secure (HTTPS) web pages.


Computer languages:

Proficient with: C/C++, Java, Perl(i) , Python(i)

Working Knowledge: Tcl, shell scripting

Operating Systems:

Proficient with: GNU/Linux

Working Knowledge: Unix(Solaris, HPUX, AIX, BSD, OSF/1, Ultrix), Windows*

Database Systems:

Proficient with: MySQL

Working Knowledge: PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL, HSQLDB, Derby DB (JavaDB)


Proficient with: SQL, STL, Qt, Structural Verilog

Working Knowledge: Boost Libraries, Behavioral Verilog, TeX, JavaScript, php3, HTML


Masters of Computer Science and Engineering

OHSU/Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology(Transcript)
(September 1999 - June 2004)
Major: Master of Sciences in Data-Intensive Systems
GPA : 3.77

First year of Masters level courses in Electrical Engineering

OHSU/Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology(Transcript)
(September 2004 - June 2005)
Area: Circuit Design
GPA : 4.0

Bachelors of Computer Science and Mathematics

Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon
(September 1991 - May 1995)
Major: Computer Science & Mathematics
Minor: East Asian Studies
Cumulative GPA : 3.17
Computer Science GPA : 3.64