I love riding a bike.  For almost two years I rode my bike to work almost every day of the week and I loved it.  Unfortunately, I now work farther away and due to time constraints it is no longer a viable option for me.

I currently own three bikes.  The first is an old Schwinn Frontier  bike which was a hand-me-down from my mother.  It is sort of built like a mountain bike, but has forks which look like they are from a road bike.  I guess you could call it a "hybrid".  It has a steel frame so it is very heavy and very solid but I am not too concerned about it getting stolen.

Next I also own an amazing Trek 2000 road bike.  I think I bought this in late 2002 when The Bike Gallery was having their clearance sale.  This was the first new bike I had owned in a long time so when I first sat down on it to give it a test ride I had to have the sales guy show me where the shifter was to change gears.  This bike weighs next to nothing but has a couple of scratches on it from a few spills I have taken.

Most recently I bought a GT Avalanche 3.0 mountain bike for the start of my 2006 sabbatical.  Where the Trek was at the high end, this bike is closer to the low end.  I basically wanted the most inexpensive mountain bike which had disc brakes and  front  suspension.  Performance Bike was having an on-line sale on the Avalanche 3.0 and the local Performance Bike shop has a policy of honoring their on-line prices.  Plus, the local Performance Bike shop was having an "everything 10% off" sale which they also honored on top of the on-line sale price so I got the bike for an amazing deal.  The only upgrade I made was to replace the plastic pedals with clipless pedals.  This bike also has a few scratches on it from the many spills I have taken on it.  Clipless pedals can be hard to get used to, and on a mountain bike the learning process is painful.