We discovered a bug in the firmware that causes the wattmeter mode to display some strange characters occasionally, it can also effect the output power screen in 'QRP' mode and any applications that read the power using the P* command. This issue does NOT effect operation of the ATU only the data displayed on the Hardrock-50's LCD screen.

Version 1.4  (on the files page) has been updated to correct the problem and is applicable to all versions of the ATU. Starting with Rev D all ATU's will have the newest FW. Older units can be upgraded using the procedure in the manual.

The current FW revision is displayed when the HR50 is fisrt powered on.

Download the new firmware (V1.4) here

Welcome HR50 ATU Builders!

This page is where we will host all of the things you need to build the internal ATU for the Hardrock-50 Amplifier.

Look on the Files page for the assembly manual, drill template, schematic, firmware for the ATU and the HR50 etc.

Contact me if you have any questions. WA2EUJ (at) ARRL (dot) net.

Prewound Toroids are now available from The Toroid Guy. An order form is on the files page.

Get ready to build...

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