What is it?

Resonance Repatterning (RR) also known as Holgraphic Repatterning, is an extraordinary process for creating positive change. RR enables you to identify and transform unconscious life-depleting responses that underlie your pain, sickness, unworkable relationships or any other limitation you might be experiencing. RR facilitates a shift in your frequency patterns so you resonate with your positive goals and intentions and actively move towards the attainment of your potential as a human being.

Chloe Faith Wordsworth developed RR over a 25 year period through her study and practice of various systems of healing. With her knowledge of psychology, physics, holograms and sound frequencies she synthesized this new and dynamic system of healing.

RR is based on the principles of resonance. Scientific research has proved that matter and energy are interchangeable and that energy pulsates at different rates or frequencies. This means that your thoughts, feelings, organs and tissues all vibrate at their own unique frequency. When these frequencies lose their optimal pulsation you find yourself unconsciously resonating with poor health, unhappy relationships, or limitation in any sphere of your life.

Resonance Repatterning allows you to identify and transform this negative resonance as easily as you would change the waveband or frequency of a radio station. The program you experience depends on the "waveband" you are tuned into, whether this is success or failure, joy or depression, health or sickness.

When you resonate with, or are tuned into wavebands of positive life-enhancing beliefs and possibilities, your whole experience of life spirals up to a higher energy state, giving you a new perspective, transformed experiences, and opens you to unlimited possibilities.

Allow yourself 
the opportunity to experience 
this life changing process.

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