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The following article was written by a client of mine Jeli Lala who I have had the pleasure of working with over the last six years. She lives in Bali where she emigrated to from London, England. She writes for various publications including the English speaking paper the "Bali Advertiser" for which this was written a while back.Please note it is a client's perspective of the Resonance Repatterning process but I feel she has a rather wonderful way of talking about her experiences with RR which I thought might be useful to you who are reading this website wanting to discover more about this great process for postive change!

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Resonance Repatterning - where computer systems and human systems meet? Having worked in computing for a very long time, and also being fascinated by all things metaphysical, I've recently been very interested to discover something that seems to bring the two worlds together. The human brain is sometimes likened to 'a computer', although this is a bit too simplistic for my liking - we are a complex mixture of the organic, the mental, the physical, and the spiritual. Though, the way we make decisions may be rather similar, as I shall try to explain here.

Computers, in their essence, work in an incredibly simple way. The basis is 'binary' - a counting system that uses only the digits '1' and '0'. In any computer system, information 'flows' through channels in the system which are guarded by 'gates' (not, in this case, the ubiquitous Bill Gates).

In old systems, the gates were valves (they looked like big electric light bulbs - that was back when a computer with a hundredth of the power of your present PC or Mac filled a whole room). Later, transistors replaced valves, which in turn were replaced by the tiny silicone chip, which allowed computers to be miniaturised, heralding the creation of the desktop PC. Valves, transistors and chips all do the same thing - allow the information
to flow, or stop it from flowing.

Each 'gate' is either 'open' allowing the electric current to flow, and responding 'YES' to a question (this is a '1' or 'ON' response from the binary system previously mentioned) or 'closed' and not allowing the current to flow, and responding 'no' to a question (this is the '0' or 'OFF' response from binary). The computer is 'ON' or 'OFF' for various logical statements. For example, when you embolden text, you effectively respond 'YES' to the statement 'Embolden text - yes or no?'

The logical pathways build upon each other so that very simple things at the basic level become more and more complicated at the higher level, until the computer is doing something that is actually very sophisticated indeed. The logic flows, and builds up, one statement upon another, like a system of tributaries eventually meeting a great river.

As humans, when we make a decision, we are unconsciously following similar logical 'pathways'. How we respond to something in our everyday life can be profoundly affected by how our 'statements' (or beliefs) are programmed at a very deep and basic level. They might be completely wrong, or out of date, or just inappropriate for us now. For example:

IF I am a good girl, and work hard
THEN I will be successful in life
AND My mother will love me
ELSE I will die

This might seem flippant but is a real example of a belief pattern that can easily be set up in childhood. When we are small, and totally dependent on our parents, it is actually true that 'we will die' if we lose their love and support. Continuing example belief above into adulthood however might lead a person to work and work endlessly, without really knowing why. In actual fact, they are still trying to please Mum!

However, if we are not conscious of this, and have no way of accessing our inner 'statements' and finding out what they are, how can we change them?

Well, the good news is that we can find out now! And we can change them. A talented woman called Chloe Faith Wordsworth has invented a fiendishly clever metaphysical 'technology' called 'Resonance Repatterning' (RR).
Chloe has integrated more than twenty-five years of study of Indian based chakra systems, acupuncture, psychology, and more, into a truly marvellous and powerful tool.

What is Resonance Repatterning?
Resonance Repatterning (RR) is based on a form of bodywork called 'kinesiology'. It uses 'muscle checking' to get a 'on/off' response that
comes directly from the body in response to any question.
To do a muscle check, the client simply holds up their arm, as if giving the Indian greeting 'How'! The RR practitioner presses the palm of their hand against the back of the client's wrist. With an 'ON' response, the pressure is maintained. It can be said that you 'have energy' for the statement or belief being checked (for example 'I am ugly' or 'I am not worthy' or whatever it is). The energy flows, and the connection is maintained.

With an 'OFF' response, your hand just drops limply forward. There is no connection - you 'have no energy' for the statement and the energy does not flow. It really is just like a transistor or chip that creates the logic pathways that enable a computer to make decisions.

So - how does it work? Well, the 'on/off' muscle checking response comes directly from the client's body and personal energy field (the same type of energy that is balanced through acupuncture and similar healing techniques.)
The head and intellect is not involved - so it's possible to ask questions and get answers at a very deep level, beyond conscious thought and awareness - really, from the soul.

We all have beliefs that we may not be aware of, that can underpin our whole view of reality, some of which may be highly detrimental to our well-being and limiting to our growth. For example 'I'm terrified of money' or 'I'm not worthy' or 'I don't deserve to be happy'. Of course, our lives reflect our deepest unconscious beliefs.

(It is worth pointing out that you may THINK that you believe 'I deserve to be happy and successful', but at a deeper level, you REALLY may not believe that. RR gets to this deeper level and aims to 'create coherence' so that all one's belief are aligned, thus enabling easy manifestation of what we want in our lives).

What RR does, is provide incredibly rapid access to these profound beliefs through a structured process. RR includes a remarkable set of books that the practitioner uses. (I would love to get my hands on a set of these - but you have to be an RR practitioner to get them!) The books contain very insightful questions, healing resources, and other valuable information.

To begin with, the practitioner usually asks me to identify what I think the current 'problem' in my life might be, and I come up with various statements such as 'I feel confused and lost' or 'I can't make my money work for me'
or whatever it is. We use muscle checking to find out which are the primary statements.

We then use further muscle checks to find a path through the pages of questions in the RR books, which defines the 'RR repatterning process' to be used.

I like this bit, because neither the practitioner nor I know what it's going to be - it is being chosen subconsciously. And it's often fascinating -
there is often an 'oh yes!' feeling of 'that is just what I need right now!'. It could be something like 'sense of smell - sleep issues',
'Language Repatterning - what you tell yourself about your life - yourself and others', 'Unmet Life Need - Joyful Play, or 'Unmet Spirit Level Need - Faith' for example (there are hundreds of different ones).

Often there's a link to the past, perhaps to something that happened in childhood. There is sometimes an opportunity to uncover what is the root
cause of the negative belief and to heal the original situation via role-play. You get to re-live the situation again, say what you really
needed to say at the time but couldn't, perhaps with the practitioner role-playing your father or mother (or whoever was involved), with them saying what you really needed to hear, too

Sometimes the actual original event seems tiny, but it can have a profound effect on one's life, as it sets up a belief pattern that can colour ones
whole existence for a very long time.

It is very healing and it's a great relief to go back and release these old burdens. We do carry all this old stuff around with us as part of our
energy system (it's held in our aura), and it can make us feel very h e a v y !!

Once the original 'scene' has been identified and re-played (it doesn't always happen this way, by the way - it depends what the client needs) there is usually an 'energy constriction release' or some other healing activity to complete the process.

RR cleverly taps into a broad range of 'healing modalities' - the RR resource books contain lists and lists of different modes of healing that
can be adopted to shift the energy, and help to permanently change the ON or OFF response to a statement. Examples include: shining a light torch in a specific colour, perhaps with a crystal fixed on top, wearing a coloured scarf, a particular kind of movement, a form of chanting, and many more. All are guided by YOU - your system defines exactly what you need - however weird that might be. Might be a tuning fork in a certain note played three times in your right ear - doesn't matter, as long as it works! Which, it does!

We are working on shifting energy here, and energy responds to small changes in the physical world (like clapping in corners to shift stuck energy in a room).

After the belief changing therapy has been completed, the practitioner can muscle check again, asking the original question, to make sure that there is now a 'NO or 'OFF response to a negative statement (or a YES response to a positive statement).

It's that simple, and it really is just like reprogramming your personal metaphysical computer.

Why I like RR
I'm excited about RR, because it is a very new form of 'spiritual technology'. It avoids 'head stuff' - there is minimal talking about what
we think the problem is. In fact, I often find that what I thought was 'my problem' is just a reflection of an underlying negative belief, and not 'the real problem'. So it can be quite a surprising, and refreshing therapy. This also makes it fun - it's a voyage of discovery.

And it is SO fast. In the first session, it took roughly seven minutes for me to identify a deeply held and negative belief, and not much longer than
that to shift it. The speed makes it very cost effective - ( amount depends on the practitioner) but I find I get so much out of it, it is actually rather cheap (compared to, say ten 'normal' counselling sessions which would cost, say £200-£300 and might not necessarily fix the problem!). My practitioner does remote 'proxy' sessions for me too, which is novel - she sends the results by email.

There are not many practitioners yet - about seven in the UK (RR only started in 1990, and there is quite a long and rigourous training process). There are more practitioners in Australia. The website is:

There's a 'Repatterning for Peace' that you can join on the website - you 'proxy' yourself into the regular sessions that aim to create peace and
coherence on a personal level, and so enhance the whole planet. Do visit this and join - it's free - and will give you an easy insight into this
wonderful process.

A session is not always deep - it depends on the client's needs - but it can very quickly move you through 'stuck' areas and into a freer, clearer, more exhilarating experience of your life.
If you try just one transformation tool this year, make it this one.

Jeli Lala created the 'Ashram of Spiritual Jewellery and Art'at no. 1, Sukma

St., Tebesaya, Ubud, with her husband, Putu S. She has studied yoga and
many other spiritual practices for more than ten years. She writes "As a
life-long artist, I've been exploring my inner world since I was a child.
In this column, I will share some of my personal experiences and spiritual
methods - hopefully, you'll find this interesting, and maybe it will give
some ideas for your own journey".

© Jeli Lala /Angela Torrington 2002, All rights reserved.

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