previously known as Holographic Repatterning ®

Creating the Space
for Positive Change

Imagine a process completely unique to you every time you experience it.
A method able to go quickly into core issues in your life, those limiting beliefs we all carry with us that affect everything we experience.
Picture identifying and changing those beliefs in a fun and creative way.

Once a light has been shone on 'The Situation' being looked at, Resonance Repatterning leads you to a colourful palette of almost limitless healing options.

RR can help you transform problems in any area of your life
... Relationships ..... Work ...... Health

You can also use RR to support you through important events
... Interviews .... Exams ... New Job ... Moving
... Marriage ... Study ... Travel

Jacqueline Beattie (née Finn)
Accredited Resonance Repatterning Practitioner