Storm Watch
The journey alongside Storm Watch will be a long and winding journey with no end, only ever striving further forwards to refinement. It is here that the story will unravel along the road of life and be written so that the lessons are not lost to time.

08.05.25: Put your nose on.... Apples!

08:05:11: Little Squirt

08.05.06: Cold Shoulder

08.04.30: Learn Burn

08.04.28: Beginning of the Storm

Storm Watch and I began our journey officially on April 23rd, 2008 when he arrived at Graham Equestrian Center. He arrived at 4 1/2 years old, and 17.3 hands high and according to the vet, 100 pounds under weight at about 1600 pounds. His introduction has gone well, and he is settling in with the herd. Though, it does seem that he is not the meek horse that he was thought to be, as he has not seemed to yield to any of the other horses in the fields. As he gets more time on the grass, it will be interesting to see how the herd settles down.