Tales from the top of the hill

Welcome to my journey of Natural Horsemanship.

This all began out of six weeks spent at the Colorado Parelli International Study Center, and now conitnues onward as I've returned home.

Please welcome to the family Storm Watch

Storm is a 5 year old Percheron/Shire/Thoroughbred cross and he stands 17.3 hands high.

He arrived safe and sound on Wednesday, April 24th, 2008. He got off the trailer just fine, though a little nervous. He has been adapting very well to the horses and environment here. The vet check was Thursday, and everything checked out fine. The vet said he would like to see another 100 lbs on him, as he is a little lean. He also said to expect him to fill out in the next year, and possibly get a little taller.

So far his "horseanality" seems to be extroverted, and is leaning towards the right brained side (fear). But that is to be expected due to his new surroundings. He is doing well and learning a lot. In our hour session yesterday, he spent a good deal of time licking and chewing which was terrific! We have begun working with basics with him and he is responding well. He is already comfortable with the stick and string as well as the rope all over his body, so I feel like I'm ahead of the game from the beginning! Hopefully we will begin to build our communication quickly.

He and the other horses are getting along well, too. He isn't allowed to have grass all day/night yet, so we have to keep him in a seperate pasture with a buddy. Thankfully Sado's owner was happy to allow us to keep the two of them together because Sado has had some problems on spring grass before, so they make a good match. He has met the rest of his herd, and seems to not care much about the heirarchy. He is very indifferent to the other horse's attentions, unless they get too close. He stands his ground, and doesn't back down, which is nice. He does seem happiest to wander along and eat by himself though. I've noticed that he seems to move the other horses around by the sheer size of his body. They have to move or get stepped on!

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