Welcome to Elite Tactical Ops...an Adult Gaming Team
  Welcome to the Team ETO WebPage
Here you will find everything on Elite Tactical Ops Clan.
Bring the PAIN... Any Mission...Any Condition...Any Foe at Any Range

The ETO Team was founded on 03/12/2009 by a group of bastard children who found themselves to be six like minded, Non-cheat players, without a common name...Rising from the ashes of what was once a formidable AST clan, Six players initiated the Elite Tactical Operations Team.

Since then they have grown in the game...in their style, and as a TEAM. 

Today the Team is known throughout the gaming world as a fair, cheat hating team. We may not be the best...but we are coming for you...

ETO Members have made the switch to COD:Black Ops....See you in the a Server !

ETO bases itself on Team play, participation, and action. Not colorful quotes and some make believe, non-existing chain of command. Each player has the same rank, same opportunity, and the same respect from each of his teammates...This is the reason we have the Quality members that we have. 

Our site is for all to enjoy...Please feel free to roam, visit our member profiles on the left, and post in the chat.
Our members are our Success, our Strength, and our Voice !
WE are ETO...Come get some!
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Team ETO at the Virginia Tough Mudder !

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  • Clan Rules Team ETO aims to be a competitive and active Team, but we also heavily encourage a positive atmosphere based on respect, communication, teamwork, friendship, and a feeling to treat each ...
    Posted Oct 28, 2011, 7:39 AM by Larry Johnson
  • Welcome to the Clan Webpage Hi,Welcome to our new site !
    Posted Oct 28, 2011, 11:04 AM by Larry Johnson
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