SkyorFight Instructions

You have 3 lives.  To start, you must pick up at least 10 mystery boxes or just press the hot key (ENTER) key to start the battle right away.

Your goal:
Kill drones to gain points and collect 20 spiky balls to complete your mission.  But beware of the drones destroy any of the yellow crystal balls you lose 10 points


Use "W" key to move forward
Use "S" key to move backward
Use "D" key or "Right arrow" key or "Right arrow‘ key or "Mouse Move Right" to move to the right
Use "A" key or "Left arrow" key or "Mouse Move Left" to move to the left
Use "Up arrow" key or "Mouse Forward" to move up
Use "Down arrow" key or "Mouse Backward" to move down
Use "X' key or "Z‘ key or "Right cllck" to toggle between 3 types of weapon bullet.
Use "F1" key to display help info 
Use "F2" key to pause or resume the game
Use "F3" key to early quit or terminate game play

Press the "SPACE BAR" or "Left Click"

Pick up the mystery boxes to refill the missiles or bullets. However,some boxes are
bombs. lf you pick that box it will cost you one life.

Pick up the heart shape object. you will be rewarded with one additional life.