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Doodle Buddy
An app of endless possibilities!
Doodle Buddy is a FREE iPad or iPhone application that is literally like an enhanced, digital whiteboard.  It can be used for so many purposes and by people of all ages from Pre-K to an adult, and by people of all technological capabilities.  It is user friendly, easy to use, and the possibilities are endless.  Using Doodle Buddy, you can draw, write, virtually finger paint, and even stamp pictures onto fun backgrounds that are provided within the app.  

Doodle Buddy has endless possibilities and never gets boring.  You don't have to draw a picture with just one color, there are over 44,000 colors to choose from in the form of a paintbrush, a glitter pen, chalk, and text.  You have the option to free hand your drawings and creations, use a stencil, or even become an artist and smudge the image you have created.  In addition to the drawing features, Doodle Buddy also provides fun stamps and backgrounds to include in your app.  If you mess up, you can use the eraser tool to erase what you have done, or you can simply shake the iPad to clear the screen.  This is a great way to create a piece of digital art, or even a great way to make practicing math and writing a littler more interesting. 

Doodle Buddy doesn't just end on your iPad, you have the option to save your Doodles and e-mail them to a friend.  This means if you are particularly proud of your creation, you can save it and share with everybody you know, or even better, if you have been working really hard on a school assignment, like writing sight words or math facts, you can save them and e-mail them to yourself or your teacher to use for studying later. 

Doodle Buddy in the Classroom:

  • Learn how to use a Microsoft Word or internet document in Doodle Buddy by watching this YouTube clip:

How to use Doodle Buddy in Your Classroom:

  • Tutors and Resource Teachers can use Doodle Buddy to practice basic skills and fine-motor skills. 
  • It is so easy to integrate technology into your classroom using the Doodle Buddy app on iPads!    
  • Here are some suggestions of how to use Doodle Buddy in kindergarden or first grade classrooms:

    • LETTER/NUMBER FORMATION:                           Divide the Doodle Buddy screen in half.  The teacher will draw a letter or a number on one side of the screen.  The student will identify the letter or number orally, then write it on their own on the other half of the screen.  This works well for students who struggle with writing letters and numbers backwards on paper.  
    • PRACTICING SINGULAR AND PLURAL NOUNS:        Divide the Doodle Buddy screen into two columns, one for singular and one for plurals. Choose stamps to represent singular and plural objects and place them into the appropriate column.  For example, we tapped one dog stamp into the singular column and 4 dog stamps in the plural column. 
    • SIGHT WORD RECOGNITION:                              Read a sight word aloud to students.  
      Students should first "chop up" the word on their arm to identify the sounds of the word and what letters they will need to spell the word.  Students can then write the word on the Doodle Buddy screen in a fun color, or even on a fun background.  You can also use a provided stamp image and have the student repeat the activity to spell the stamped image that you put on the screen. 
    • FAST FACTS (ADDITION/SUBTRACTION):           The teacher will call out math facts and the student has will write their answer on the Doodle Buddy board using the color and style of their choice.  When the student has written their answer, they hold it up for the teacher to check.  For example, the teacher can call out 6+?=10? The students would write 4.  
      For students whocannot do the mental math, they can use the stamp feature to choose an image to "draw out" the problem.  For example, if the equation were 3+2=? The student could put 3 frog stamps next to 2 frog stamps and count them together. 
    • WORD PROBLEMS:                                                 The teacher can type (or import) a word problem onto the Doodle Buddy screen.  The student will then solve the word problem by underlining or circling the key words that let themknow what type of operation they will use.The student will then either use stamps or draw out the word problem to solve and find the answer.  To take this a step further, have the student use the text feature to answer the word problem in a complete sentence.  

Doodle Buddy Tutorials:

 Watch a brief tutorial to introduce you to the Doodle Buddy application.  View the different features of the app, and the various tools available for your use as you doodle.

Watch a brief tutorial that will describe to you the different options you have to use when creating your image. Choose from chalk, marker, glitter, or use the eraser to get started! 

Watch a brief tutorial of how to use the stamp feature that is provided within the app.  

Watch a brief tutorial to learn how to use the text feature to write things rather than draw them with your finger.  Choose from 4 different font choices!

Watch a brief tutorial of how to select or change the background image of your Doodle board.  Choose from a plain color, or a scenes from different locations around the world to spice up your Doodle. 

Watch a brief tutorial and learn how to save your Doodle and share it with a friend, parent, or teacher! 

Doodle Buddy Reviews:

  • Parents approve of the usage they see of Doodle Buddy in their child's classroom!
  • Teachers approve of using Doodle Buddy in their classrooms to enhance and differentiate student learning!
  • Watch the following video review of the general features of Doodle Buddy:

Doodle Buddy YouTube Review

Additional Information:

  • Doodle Buddy is a Pinger Inc. app, check out other apps created by Pinger
  • Read a blog about a 1st grade teachers experience using Doodle Buddy over the course of several months with students.

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