Welcome to Half Past Sunset

This website is for the Saskatoon based LARP using the By Night Studios new Mind's Eye Theater system.


  • Game XI: February 20th, 6:30pm
               Albert Community Center
               Auditorium Room
               610 Clarence Ave S.

  • Game XII: March 12th, 6:30pm
               Albert Community Center
               Auditorium Room
               610 Clarence Ave S.

  • AUGUST: Character Slots Open:
    • Camarilla - All.  With a desire for Assamites, Malkavians and Nosferatu with proven Camarilla pedigrees(Presitigious Sire or Social Nobility Merits recommended)
    • Anarch - All
    • Disallowed Merits: Machiavellian Prodigy, Master of Puppets, Architect of the Tower, Infernal Power, Loremaster, Oracular Ability, Path Merits, Elder of the Revolution
    • Disallowed Flaws: Eerie Presence, Pied Piper

Setting Style Document

Theme: Chaos

Mood: Covetous/Mysterious

Scope: Saskatoon

Setting: Camarilla, Factions: Anarch

Chronicle Teaser:
The City Of Saskatoon has ever been a rough jewel set in an iron crown:  starkly beautiful in contrast to its surroundings yet with jagged edges upon close inspection.  The city's vampires had known a Camarilla set of leadership headed by the Toreador elder Rafael DuPlessis, a rulership that had lasted since his praxis seizure in 1914 following his immigration from New Orleans.  While under DuPlessis' rule, the vampires of the city had enjoyed relative prosperity and occasionally tense co-operation with the Anarchs, themselves openly wishing for nothing more than the right to exist peaceably.  A rich existence had been afforded to those who were willing to work with DuPlessis and his council of Primogen, Anarchs as well.
On the winter solstice, December 21st, 2014, all of that changed. DuPlessis, along with every elder and position holder within the Camarilla and the Anarchs, vanished.  All lines of communication went dead and all that seemed to be left of the former ruling council and guiding elders was nothing more than a memory.  While some set about immediately investigating this unprecedented disappearance, others waited.  Surely this was nothing more than a test, an experiment, anything reasonable.  After nearly three months with absolutely nothing to show for their troubles, the city's vampires are starting to suspect what may very well be true...
They aren't coming back.  And the city is ripe for the plucking.

Graduated XP Cap: Yes

Clan Rarity Adjustments:
    Common Clans: Camarilla default with adjustment for Anarchs               wishing to play Tremere or Ventrue
    Uncommon Clans: Assamites (vizier), Followers of Set, Giovanni,           Ravnos
Cappadocians (Samedi), Daughters Of Cacophany, 
      Gargoyles(Restricted for Anarchs), Lasombra, Salubri,
      Tzimisce (Carpathians)
(Restricted for Anarchs)

    Restricted Clans:  All else, with Storyteller permission only.

Setting-Specific Mechanics:
- Generation is capped at 2
    - Path merits are not allowed
- Initial XP is standard 30, to reflect youth of the vampires within             Saskatoon.