Kindle How-to Guide

New OverDrive Interface Instructions:

Kindle Fire:

  • Click here for the How-to Guide handout in PDF
  • Click here for the How-to Guide with Screenshots
  • Click here for the How-to Guide with Sceenshots (ePUB for Kindle Fire)
How to Register a New Kindle 

1. Access 
2. Click on “Manage Your Kindle” from the Kindle menu on the left hand side of the screen
3. Sign in with your Amazon account
4. Click on “Register a Kindle” on the left hand side of the screen, enter the 16-digit number of your Kindle, and click on “Register” button. (You'll find Kindle's serial number on the outside of the box or on the Settings menu on your Kindle.)

How to Check out Library eBooks to a Kindle

1. Access, and click on “Overdrive Digital Media Catalog” link
2. Click on “Advanced Search”, and then enter proper information to search for an eBook for Kindle
3a. If an eBook is not available, you can click on “place a hold” to hold this eBook
3b. If an eBook is available, you can click on “add to cart” next to the Kindle edition
4. Click on “Proceed to Checkout”
5. Select “Houston Public Library” from the drop down list
6. Enter your Houston Public Library card number, and click on “Sign In”
7. Click on “Confirm Check Out”
8. Click on “Get for Kindle”
9. At this point, the Amazon website will popup, click on “Get library book”
10. You may be required to login to your existing account -- or create a new account if you currently do not have one.
11. Select the device you would like to download your book then click on “Continue” button.
On the next window, a message will appear to confirm that the eBook has been delivered to your Kindle (Public library eBooks require an active Wi-Fi connection for wireless delivery to a Kindle device.)
12. Turn on your Kindle, the eBook you just checked out will automatically sync with your device.

How to transfer Kindle eBooks to Kindle via USB

When you see that a Kindle eBook requires “USB transfer”,
after step 11 mentioned above, continue to use the instructions on the following slides to transfer to your Kindle.

12. Click “Save”, and then click “Open Folder” on pop-up windows
(You will see the downloaded eBook in the explorer windows)
13. Connect the Kindle to your PC using the USB cable, then double click on Kindle drive, you will see “documents” folder
14. Drag the downloaded eBook and drop it onto “documents” folder
15. Unplug Kindle from your computer and the downloaded eBook will now appear on your Kindle

How to return Kindle library eBooks

1. Access
2. Click on “Manage Your Kindle” from the Kindle menu on the left hand side of the screen
3. Sign in with your Amazon account
4. Select “Return this book” from the “Action” drop down menu next to the book you want to return

How to remove Kindle library books from a Kindle

Two methods:
1. On the Kindle Keyboard, select the book you want to delete. Toggle to the right and select the option for "Remove from Device."
2. If you do not see an option to remove the book from the deviceL
    a. Access
    b. Click on "Manage Your Kindle" from the Kindle menu on the left hand side of the screen
    c. Sign in with your Amazon account
    d. Select "Delete From Library"
    e. On the Kindle, from the Menu, choose "Sync & Check for New Items."

For additional Information and Instructions on Library Books for Kindle, please visit: