(5) Practice With Related Tools (optional)

Objectives - Learn how use PC-based applications to analyze data

(This CSCS mini-course has featured Google spreadsheets, forms, and sites. We have selected these products because they are free, cloud-based, and can be shared with students.  It should be noted that while Google spreadsheets excel in collaboration, they lack many of the features of traditional spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel. In this activity you are introduced to data analysis with MIcrosoft Excel.  Excel files can be stored in your Google Drive as Excel files, or converted to Google spreadsheets.  Similarly, Google Spreadsheets can be downloaded as Excel files and analyzed with the full capabilities of this superb spreadsheet tool.  This activity provides learners with the opportunity to explore Microsoft Excel and see how it can interface with Google spreadsheets.) 

Instructions - All files should be posted on a Google site that you have created.  Provide a link to this site in the survey at the bottom of this page. 

 IMPORTANT NOTE : When you click on any  Video  link, you will be taken to a different website. After viewing the website, please click the back button in your browser to return to the course.

(5.1) Introduction to Databases

A database is a collection of information organized so that a computer program can quickly retrieve desired pieces of data. A field is a single piece of information; a record is one complete set of fields; and a table is a collection of records.  As you view the following videos, you will be introduced to databases and learn how use them to use them to analyze data and answer questions. 
Nutrition File:  Excel (PC-based) / Google (coud-based)

(5.2) Creating / Enhancing databases to teach science

  • Teachers can create cloud-based databases that allow their students to analyze data to answer questions. It is also possible to amend an existing database to add additional data. The following video provides an overview of creating your own spreadsheet or amending an existing one.
  •  Assignment  Create a new cloud-based spreadsheet or a new worksheet in an existing database file. Your worksheet should include a minimum of 10 records and 5 fields and should include an autofilter for easy record selection. Submit your file online.

(5.3) Using web-based databases

A growing number of educational databases are available on the Internet. Teachers can use these databases without having to teach the mechanics of a program like Excel.

(5.4) Using Existing Spreadsheets

  •  Assignment   Use Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program to analyze the file entitled budget.xls. Assume that one of the wage-earners in this family looses his or her job. Create a second budget that shows "reasonable" cuts that may be made to balance the family budget. Include a printout of the budget

(5.5) Creating Spreadsheets

  •  Assignment  Create a new spreadsheet file or a new worksheet in an existing educational spreadsheet file. Your worksheet should include a variety of calculations based upon cells in your new worksheet and/or associated ones in your modified spreadsheet file. Include a printout of your new spreadsheet in your portfolio.

(5.6) Graphing Data

  •  Assignment  Graph and chart creation and interpretation are part of the academic language of many subjects. Create two or more graphs (charts) from a spreadsheet files related to your discipline. Make sure the graphs are meaningful and are fully and correctly labeled. Include a screen-shot of the graph in your portfolio and explain its significance.

Directions:  Copy the following headings into a Google Site you have created.  Beneath each heading, provide links to documents that illustrate competence with each of the tasks listed above.  Please provide a link to this page in the form located below. 

(1.1) Introduction to Databases

(1.2) Creating / Enhancing databases to teach science

(1.3) Using web-based databases

(1.4) Using Existing Spreadsheets

(1.5) Creating Spreadsheets

(1.6) Graphing Data


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