(3) Developing Tools to Collect & Analyze Whole-Class Data

Objectives - Learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret data from an entire science class in real-time.  

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(3.1) Building CSCS Forms
  •  Video   Creating Forms & Spreadsheets [18:09]
    • Relationship between: Edit forms; Live Forms; Spreadsheet; Summary Responses
  •  Video  Editing  Forms [10:42]
    • Choosing a Response Destination; Adding, Deleting, Editing and Arranging Questions; Page Breaks and Page Titles; Images, Appearance, Themes; Conditional Sequencineg
  •  Video  Sharing Forms, Collecting Data [9:42]
    • sharing a form via email; embedding forms in websites; linking to forms 
(3.2) Building CSCS Spreadsheets
(3.3) Organizing Collaborative Cloud-based Documents 
  •  Video  Organizing files on Google Drive [16:40]
    • Using folders and subfolders, Granting sharing privileges by folder, Color coding files & folders, Moving files, Organizing & sorting files, 
(3.4) Your Turn! Developing your own Forms and Spreadsheets
  • Select a topic for a CSCS lesson that involves collaborative analysis of pooled data
  • Develop a form with a variety of question types and graphics.  Include multiple choice and/or checkbox questions so that you can see summary data in graphic form.  Include questions with numeric measurements so that you can plot the data on graphs and charts
  • Create graphs (line, bar, pie, etc.) of the numeric data. Label the chart and axes.
  • Use the form to populate the spreadsheet with sample data.  Provide at least 10 entries or whatever is necessary to show trends in your graphs.  Provide links to the form in edit mode, the live form, the spreadsheet table, the corresponding graphs you have made, and the summary data.  In each case, simply navigate to the appropriate page, copy the URL and paste in the appropriate field.  Make sure to set the sharing privileges on the document to "anyone with link can edit", otherwise we will be unable to see what you have done.
  •  Submit   - Complete the following form

HPCA-CSCS-3 - Developing Tools to Collect and Analyze Data