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The Highland Park Board of Health, staffed by community volunteers and student representatives, works in close cooperation with the Mayor, the Borough Council, the Board of Education, and the Middlesex County Health Department to address the public health needs of Highland Park residents. In accordance with state-wide minimum standards, the Board implements state laws and regulations relating to public health in the Borough.

The Board of Health monitors public health issues that may affect our locality and responds to health-related queries from our residents. The Board may pass health ordinances, such as those defining public health and noise nuisances and regulating age-of-sale of tobacco/smoking products. Members play a role in developing and disseminating health information and services to our community.

The Borough contracts with Middlesex County to provide an Inspector for Highland Park who oversees important services, such as food service inspections and investigation of complaints related to health hazards including lack of heat in rented dwellings. The Inspector reports directly to the Board.

We welcome input from the citizens of Highland Park.