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                Practically the whole of the 18th century in Europe was marked by a plethora of theories and hypothesis concerning the nature of disease and its causation,  that is most of the people thought that diseases are due to their sin, so all the diseased persons were treated by preaching the god, and also some immoral treatment like bloodletting,  leeching etc.,

            During the last time of 18th century diseases were treated by morden allopathy medicine, during that time Dr.christian fredreick Samuel Hahnemann a german physician has finished his MD medical degree in modern allopathy medicine.

            After finishing his medical post graduation he started to practice medicine in his local area, after treating so many cases through allopathy medicine he has found that allopathy medicines are not curing any disease, instead of curing it is only giving a kind of palliation or suppression of disease, after some time the same disease comes again and run its own course again and again.

            So that he has given up his medical practice, and switched to translation of  books and earning from this work was enough for his life, one fine morning he has started to translate the book called cullen’s materia medica from germen to English, he came across the following sentence that is “bark of cinchona officinalis tree is able to cure malaria disease due to it bitter taste” after reading this sentence his reasonable mind did not agree this sentence, and his reasonable mind arises many questions like “if its bitter taste cures malaria then why not all bitter taste substances would cure malaria, so his mind finally came to a point that it is not due to its bitter taste, some curable substance would be in the bark of cinchona.

            So that he wants to test the power of bark of cinchona, so that he has taken juice from bark of cinchona officinalis daily 3 times for one week, after one week he was attacked by the similar symptoms of malaria, when the symptoms became severe he discontinued to take the cinchona bark, after discontinued for one week he feels alright, and again he has tried the same trail then again he was attacked by similar malaria like disease, finally he realized that bark of cinchona has the power of producing malaria like symptoms, then he wants to confirm this fact, so he has given the same bark of cinchona to all of his friends and relatives, all of them suffered malaria like symptoms after taking that bark, finally he confirmed that it is curing malaria by its power of producing malaria like illness not due to its bitter taste.

            Then he has used the same principle for all other remedy, then he started to prove all the remedy.

Founder of homeopathy

            Dr.Christian fredrich Samuel Hahnemann is a founder of homeopathy.



What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medical treatment, in which the given remedy (or) medicine for a disease is capable of producing the same disease when it given to normal person.

For example:

“ cinchona officinalis” (a name of homeopathy medicine)  is a homeopathy medicine usually given for malaria patient to cure the malaria disease, if the same medicine cinchona officinalis is given to normal person (that is person has no malaria)it produces exactly malaria in that normal person.

This is the basic principle behind the homeopathy.

That is all the homeopathy medicines are capable of producing cure in diseased patient, if it is given to normal person it is producing disease in normal person.

Medical definition of homeopathy:

            Homeopathy is a method of curing the sufferings of a person by the administration of a drug which has been experimentally proved to possess the power of producing similar sufferings in healthy human beings. In short it is therapeutic system of symptom similarity.