Struggling to connect your Chromebook with your HP wireless printer? Here you’ll find answers to all your queries. When you buy a new HP printer whether it is a wireless printer or wired, all the drivers needed for a successful setup are found on 123.hp.com/setup.

In this blog, we will walk you through the complete setup procedure of the HP wireless printer on a Chromebook. You can also refer to this guide to connect your Chromebook with any printer of any other brand.

Procedure To Get Started With “123.hp.com/setup

  1. In order to start the “HP Printer Setup” process, carefully unpack your HP Printer and place it on a safe, flat surface. This involves removing all the tapes and packaging materials.
  2. Connect the Printer to a stable Power Source and Turn it On.
  3. Then, install the Ink Cartridges correctly and Align it properly.
  4. Set up its Paper Tray and Load it properly with A4 size Plain White Sheets.
  5. After that, you must set your Printer preferences accurately. In other words, go to the Control Panel of your Device. Then, set up Language, Time, Zone, Country, Region etc.
  6. Once your Printer is prepared for “123.hp.com/setup”, configure it successfully on your Internet Network. This means you must connect it to an Internet Connection that you use for your Computer/ Laptop etc. Now, this connection can be established either through a Wired Network or Wirelessly. Furthermore, you can directly hook up the Printer to the Computer using a USB Cable. This decision will primarily depend upon your HP Printer’s Model Number, Router’s Infrastructure and Computer. As such, determine the Connection possibilities of your Devices and ensure your Printer is properly hooked up.
  7. With this, you come to the most important process for “123.hp.com/setup”. Now, you will have to locate the Driver Software dedicated for your distinct HP Printer Model. Then, Download it properly on your Computer/ Laptop. 
  8. After acquiring the relevant Drivers, you must “Install” the same on your Computing Device.   
  9. As you complete the Driver Setup for “123.hp.com/setup”, the last step is to get your HP machine registered on official website of HP Printer. 
  10. With this, you will be all set to experience the quality, performance and efficiency that is synonym to avant-garde. 

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