Saturn keyless remote









Our keyless remote had become practically unresponsive in recent months.

The most used keys(unlock/lock) were the worst offenders.

We changed the battery but that didn’t help. We then decided to clean the interior connections.



Using a screwdriver, we opened up the case to reveal 4 small round black contact disks below the keys, a green circuit board, and a battery.



We didn’t want to destroy the black disks with a strong cleaner, so we simply used water on a cue tip to gently massage the disks.

We twisted the wet cue tip on top of the black disk. Then we gently rubbed the dry cue tip on the black disk. This removed black rubber smudge.

We repeated this cleaning process for all 4 disks, using a clean cue tip for each disk.


There were 4 circuit board areas that made contact with the black disks.

Using a new cue tip, we gently applied rubbing alcohol to these 4 circuit areas;

and then gently rubbed them with the dry end of the cue tip.

A significant amount of black residue accumulated on the dry cue tip.

After reassembling the remote, we found that it worked perfectly.