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posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by Kaitlin Stretten   [ updated Aug 3, 2016, 1:39 PM by terry stretten ]

Elder close to being in his fifties

Studied under CIA's Physiological Psychologist,





Terry Stretten says he is close to being in his fifties, and is actually in his sixties, sixty to be exact.  "You can't get any closer to being in your fifties than that," he says.  Turning sixty means this former student of the CIA's Physiological Psychologist has crossed the threshold into being an Elder.  He is the Elder who speaks of a truth beyond the illusion that is the world. 


The Troy resident speaks an elegant and simple truth that can prevent unnecessary wars, prevent unnecessary aggression in daily life, and triple your number of sales, by increasing meetings-of-the-minds.  Stretten speaks of stimulant-drink-induced illusion, a major part of today's modern world where coffeehouses proliferate on corners, many of them concealed by the fact that they are also fast food joints, donut stores, or pastry and sandwich shops.


The Elder is sharing knowledge gained through thirty-eight years of pioneering the use of Applied Physiological Psychology in Manufacturing and Sales since he studied under the CIA's Physiological Psychologist in 1973 at Oakland University.  The truth Terry speaks of is a previously unrecognized effect of stimulant drinks such as coffee, caffeinated soft drinks, energy drinks, weight loss products, and prescription stimulants.


Stimulant drinks kick the primitive portion of the brain into high gear while diminishing the more advanced portion of the brain.  Stimulant drinks give the user a world of illusion, in which s/he feels more intelligent, smarter and wiser than s/he was before falling under the effects of the drink.  Stimulants only speed up the user's neural transmissions, their speed of reaction and speed of thought, while inhibiting the advanced portion of the mind where intelligence resides. 


Users mistake their increased speed of thought, for intelligence, thinking that it makes them more intelligent while the portion of their brain where the abilities of intelligence, discernment, and empathy reside is being dumbed down.  Stimulants make the user feel invincible, superior, more intelligent, a great feeling to which the user becomes addicted.  Everyone loves to feel great.  The down side is that stimulant drinks make the user feel smarter while they are dumbed down, causing the user to feel good while making mistakes, or even hurting others.


Stretten offers a class teaching salespersons a technique that triples their sales.  It is based on the technique he discovered and developed in 1986 at Allnet Communications where he was one of 350 salespersons.  The technique made him famous among Allnet's Account Executives and Sales Managers who learned from Stretten.  Allnet salespersons using this meeting-of-the-minds technique tripled their number of satisfied customers.  You can contact Terry Stretten by text message or by email at TSTRETTEN@GMAIL.COM to attend the class, "How to Triple Your Sales," for a descriptive index of 150 of his articles, or for classes or seminars on the Caffeine-Alcohol-Painkiller Cycle or unrecognized effects of stimulant drinks.

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:11 PM by Kaitlin Stretten   [ updated Aug 26, 2011, 1:43 PM ]

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