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Study Strategies

Do you "blank" when you see the problems on a test?  If you have trouble getting problems started, then you need to make some "Start the Problem" flashcards. Here's how. Contributed by Jeremy Olson and Cameron Piszczek 

When you get your tests back do you think to yourself: D'oh! I shouldn't have missed that!  If so, then you need to watch Error Analysis before you take your next test. Contributed by Breanna Mason, Katy Maniates, and Brian Smith 

One of the best methods to study for a math test is to create and take your own test.  How, exactly, do you do it?  See how Contributed by Emily Kelly, Jacob Wernette, and Taylor Sikkenga.

Perhaps you've heard teachers tell you to "study with a group" ...  How does THAT work?  How many people should be in your study group? How often should you meet?  Watch the presentation on Studying with a GroupContributed by Kyle Robertson and Elizabeth Marks

You know you should go back and "rework" old homework problems, but what does that mean exactly?  Watch this presentation for some tips on how to do it well.  Contributed by William Reid, Courtney Berghuis, and Christopher Swanson