General Imports From Thailand Into Australia

 Trying to find out more about the Imports From Thailand Into Australia? There is a lot of information out there, but it is important to understand the nuances of the relationship between both nations. Thailand and Australia are on good terms and have developed an excellent relationship when it comes to imports and exports. The Imports From Thailand Into Australia in terms of dollar figures are constantly growing and will continue to grow with recent projections. Let's take a glance at the Imports From Thailand Into Australia and what they are all about.

Since 2003, Australia and Thailand have had a free trade agreement in place to make imports and exports easier to complete. It is a way of having a strategic relationship in place for the present and the future. The treaty goes by the name of TAFTA or The Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

TAFTA has done a lot for both nations in terms of business mobility and two-way trading that otherwise might not have been as prevalent. In terms of exports and imports combined, the business being done between both nations is being financially accounted at A$19 billion.


The biggest import from Thailand to Australia comes in the form of Gold. Thailand has big reserves of gold that is used to maximize relations with other nations. Australia requires a lot of gold and most of its resources are being filled by Thailand.

The gold imports are being tallied at around A$ 1.2 Billion. This number is continually rising.

Crude Petroleum

There are a lot of passenger vehicles in Australia and this causes the nation to seek numerous imports for crude petroleum. This is essential in the modern age and especially in a country such as Australia with a range of passenger vehicles on the road that requires crude petroleum.

Crude petroleum is being imported in from Thailand on a regular basis. The figure is put in at A$ 815 million for all imports that are coming in the form of crude petroleum.

This is the second largest import that is coming in from Thailand and the requirement for this resource is continually growing as more cars hit the road and other equipment is built.


There are large resources of copper available in Thailand that are being imported to Australia. This has to do with a range of requirements such as engineering needs and building specific equipment.

These materials are also required for putting together cars that are then being exported back into Thailand. This is a mutually beneficial relationship that is growing.

The figure placed on the import of copper was noted to be A$ 279 million.


The final major import that is coming into Australia from Thailand is aluminium. This is once again used for a number of things in Australia usually based around the production of goods. These goods are then passed back into Thailand and other nations around the world.

This is an important relationship because, without these resources, Australia would not be able to expand at the rate it has been.

The figures listed when it comes to the import of aluminium is at A$ 439 million. Aluminium is a regular import resource between both nations and this is one that is growing as time passes by and will continue to do so because of the demand in place.

These are some of the major imports that are being brought in from Thailand. In exchange, Australia sends over goods such as vehicles, iron, and heating/cooling equipment. This is a prosperous relationship that will continue to grow as time passes by.