General Imports From Brazil Into Australia

 Since 1945, Brazil and Australia have had a wonderful relationship when it comes to exports and imports. Australians love importing items from Latin America and one of the biggest importers is Brazil. In 2012, the two nations got together and created a pact to further improve their relationship. There is a range of imports from Brazil into Australia on a regular basis and this will not be stopping anytime soon as both nations are on good terms. Let's take a look at what is being imported into Australia.

Imports from Brazil into Australia are currently priced at A$638 million and this number is continually rising. There are numerous imports from Brazil into Australia and the dependency is increasing day by day.

Civil Engineering Parts and Equipment

According to the official Australian website, one of the biggest imports on an annual basis from Brazil into Australia are civil engineering related. Parts and equipment that are being ordered for local companies are being produced in Brazil for cheaper prices.

Brazil is able to produce high-quality civil engineering equipment and parts that are lasting longer and is coming at affordable prices. The technology is constantly developing and this is leading to the relations between both nations tightening.


Australia is not able to produce some of the fruits that are being grown in Brazil. Thus, they have them imported into the country to sell. Lots of fruit juices are being imported too.

Orange juice is one of the biggest imports when it comes to fruit juices that are coming in from Brazil. The oranges that are grown in Brazil are known for being juicier and better as a whole in terms of their taste. This quality is what the Australian market craves and pays the big bucks for on an annual basis.


Brazil is one of the biggest producers of coffee beans in the world and is known for importing too many nations around the world on a regular basis. Australia is one of those nations that receive coffee beans through imports.

This is another one of those larger imports from Brazil into Australia that is being targeted. There is a huge population in Australia that covets coffee ensuring Brazil is able to maintain a hold on the market and keep supplying those coffee enthusiasts.

Coffee houses in Australia are importing millions upon millions in coffee beans on a regular basis.

Waste Paper

Another import that is increasing day by day from Brazil into Australia is waste paper. This is advantageous for companies in Australia that need immediate waste paper. Australia than takes care of the waste paper and pulp that is coming into the country.

The waste paper is then treated and taken care of by the Australians. It is a growing industry and one that has picked up over time due to how environmentally conscious all countries have become. Global warming has made this a priority and thus the imports are constantly rising as time passes by.


The final import comes in the form of medicine. Certain plants and the ingredients that come along with them are only grown in Brazil.

To produce quality medications that provide immediate treatment, Australia has to import these medications from Brazil or at least the ingredients.

These are just some of the major imports that are coming from Brazil into Australia. There is a range of other imports that are continually being brought in. The relationship has grown leaps and bounds since 1945 and does not look like it will be ceasing anytime soon for both parties.