How to Sell Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Make Money Online

Looking to make some extra cash at Christmas?  Learn how to buy and sell Ugly Christmas Sweaters for a profit. 

By now you've heard about someone having an Ugly Christmas Sweater party....if you haven't heard of one yet, you will!  Whether it's an office party, a friends get together or a community "pub crawl" Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are a fun way to get together with friends to celebrate the holidays.  The dress code is casual to just down right tacky!  Prizes are awarded to the ugliest, most unusual, gaudy Christmas Sweater.  Hundreds of both men and women purchase their sweaters on eBay.  Why?  eBay gives buyers a chance to search through thousands of tacky vintage sweaters from across the nation and delivered to their door just in time for the party.


Where to find Ugly Christmas Sweaters:

  1. Ask family and friends if they have any Christmas Sweaters they wish to be rid of.  (When I told my Grandma what I was doing and what they were for she gave me her entire collection of holiday sweaters because now she said she would not be caught dead wearing a sweater in public that may be considered "ugly" or tacky".)
  2. Garage sales and estate sales are a resource for Christmas Sweaters throughout the year. 
  3. Salvation Army, Goodwill and local thrift stores are a gold mine!  Christmas Sweaters start "appearing" in these stores right after Halloween.  They are normally in their own section, but make sure you browse through the regular sweaters also.  I have found many of the best sweaters just tucked in with the regular sweaters.

What to look for:

  1. Look for sweaters preferrably in larger sizes.  The larger the better in most cases.  Remember both men AND women are looking for the same sweater.  All Christmas Sweaters are considered unisex when it comes to these parties.
  2. Think Tacky!  Poinsettas and Snowflakes don't typically hold as much buyer interest as Santas, Reindeer etc.  Another favorite is "nordic style".
  3. Don't skip the vests!  Vests are often sought after because the party goer can wear a more comfortable shirt underneath and they also do not need to worry about sleeve length.  Beer Belly?  No problem with a vest!
  4. No stains, rips or tears.  Just because it is an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party does not mean the consumer wants something in bad shape.  If you think you can get the stain out in the wash, certainly go ahead and buy it....but only sell it if you are sucessful.
  5. Pay attention to the price.  Try to buy sweaters and vests under $5.00 so you have a better chance to make a profit.  The thrift stores often have half price days and dollar days--take advantage of them!

Prepare the sweater for sale:

  1. Make notes for each sweater.  The more details you can give your potential buyer right from the start saves you time!
    • What's the brand name on the tag?
    • What's the material the sweater is made from?
    • What's the tag size?
    • How much does it weigh INSIDE the shipping box or bag that you are going to ship it in.
  2. Lay the sweater on a flat surface to measure and note the details.
    • Measure the sleeves "pit to cuff"
    • Measure the length from the back of the sweater "top of the neck to the hem"
    • Measure the width of the sweater "pit to pit".
  3. Take a photo of the sweater. 
    • Use good lighting
    • Take and post a photo of the back of the sweater if the back also has a design.
    • Lay flat for photo or have someone model the sweater for you.

Post on eBay:

  1. List under categories for both Men's Sweaters and Women's sweaters
  2. Include size in your title
  3. Type all your notes in the body of the listing
  4. Include words such as gaudy, tacky, ugly, hideous, prize winner
  5. Use a disclaimer "Although you've included the size on the tag it is the consumer's responsibility to compare measurements to a sweater they already own.
  6. Another disclaimer to include:  "Although designed as a women's sweater, Ugly Christmas Sweaters can be worn by man or woman."