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You can save water in the garden by installing water saving sprinkler and watering systems, or by using watering cans. There is a huge range of both automatic and manual watering systems to chose from, it is a case of finding what is best for your purpose.

Installing a water tank is a great way to collect water from your roof during rain which would otherwise go down the drain. This water can be used to water your garden or wash your car and does not breach any water restrictions currently in place.

Using mulch to cover the soil around plants in your garden is a great way to keep moisture in, and reduce the amount of watering needed. It is also a great way to keep weeds down. Using shade-cloth is another good way to keep some sun off your plants and keep moisture in.

When purchasing a sprinkler or watering system, ensure it suits what you are doing. Using one that is adjustable will allow you to place the outlets close to your plants and reduce waste water.

A pool cover stops a lot of evaporation and therefore should be used whenever possible. Filling your pool from a water tank is a great way to use water that would other wise be wasted.