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Level 5 Water Restriction in SEQ 


What do the restrictions mean for residents?

Residents are being asked to make significant indoor water use savings - such as 4 minute showers. Specific restrictions include:
  • Gardens - only water existing gardens with buckets or watering cans on allocated days between 4pm–7pm. You can use tank or grey water at anytime.
  • Vehicles - only use a bucket to spot clean mirrors, lights, glass and number plates
  • Pools - From 1 July, only top up existing swimming pools from town water as a last resort and only where a rainwater tank or downpipe rainwater diverter is fitted and the premises complies with three of the following - a swimming pool cover, water efficient taps and showerheads, water efficient toilets, water efficient washing machine
  • New or renovated pools - may only be filled with water sourced from areas not under Level 5 restrictions (ie brought in by truck)
  • High water users – must submit a water use assessment form to audit their water use and identify saving opportunities.

Level 5 Bucketing Hours

Your House/Unit NumberTimesMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
Odd number4-7pm Yes
 Yes Yes 
Even or unnumbered  Yes Yes Yes


There are many ways to save water in the home. You can look at obtaining water saving appliances such as dishwashers, and washing machines, or install water saving devices in your sinks, and drains. You can also look at doing basic things such as turning off the tap while you brush your teeth, washing up in the sink instead of using a dish washer, or re-using domestic waste water for watering plants or washing the car.

Another great way to save water is to install a water tank. Water tanks come in all shapes, colours and sizes to suit your home. The materials used to manufacture water tanks have improved to give strong, long-lasting tanks at a reduced cost.

When purchasing a dish washer or washing machine always check the water efficiency with the seller, or check the manufacturer specifications if possible. Dish washers and washing machines should be labeled with a water rating sticker, similar to the usual energy rating system used. With this system, the more stars, the better.