M003S (M012s at the bottom)

2017 UPDATE: I no longer have the M003s, it over heated and died due to poor design. The M012s it sill alive and kicking, see below for the updated info on that.

I recently bought a Eken M003S from ebay. In fact at first I didn't know what I had it was just a generic tablet with a blue LED (and a square on the button). Through some research I discovered it was in the WM8650 line of tablets. The stock Android was very difficult to use, unresponsive and very questionable. Questionable in the sense that all the stock applications from the camera to photo manager looked very cartoon-ish like they were out of a bad Japanese kids TV show. I'm not doing a full writeup on this but here is the basic run down of this tablet.

I was unable to get any of HCH's ROMs to work on my tablet and I was unable to get ADB (Android Development Bridge) to communicate with the tablet.

I tried all of HCH's ROMs to no avail but option 3 in his "Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v153" seemed to be the closest fit. By using option 3 in his ROM changer app I was able to get the tablet to boot from the resulting ROM but I could not get the touchscreen to work. Although as addressed later you may be able to replace the default wmt_scriptcmd and /FirmwareInstall/env/env_boot from "Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v153" with the respective files from the manufacturer's ROM and get it to work completely.

I tried communicating with the device (running the stock wondermedia ROM) using ADB but I was unable to even ADB to list the device. (Yes I had USB debugging turned on). I tried the ADB on Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux 10.04 both with the same ultimate result. I was unable to root the device this way.

z4Root seemed to root the device but it didn't actually root the tablet I tried several times but each time it was unsuccessful.

Universal Androot did not work on the device.

I was unable to install Super One Click and so I couldn't try this method. I was attempting to do so on Windows XP and I probably should have used Windows Vista/7. I think it can work with Linux (I'm writing off the cuff here so correct me if I'm wrong) but I didn't try that probably because I really didn't feel like compiling it.

In the end I was able to flash the tablet with UDROIDX 1.5.5. I replaced the default UDROIDX 1.5.5 wmt_scriptcmd and /FirmwareInstall/env/env_boot with the respective files from the stock manufacturer's ROM for the M003S. I could then successfully flash the device and have a working and much better install. A lot of apps are missing from the Android Market since they are listed as incompatible with the device. Install GetJar to get some that way and if you can't get apps that way you can most of the time just google for the APK and install it from the sdcard.

I have the following apps on the device currently
-Gmail (update from Android market, came with UdriodX ROM)
-Google Lookup (Android Market)
-Google Search (APK taken from my HTC Incredible)
-Dolphin Browser (GetJar)
-You tube (came with ROM)
-Flash (installer came alongside ROM)
-Words Free (Android Market)
-Voice Search (doesn't work says there is a problem with hardware but it does run)
-Fring (audio/video calls are really really crappy but audio calls work ok) <<--[If you get video chat working on this thing let me know)
-Google Maps (Google)
-Google Street View (taken from HTC Incredible)
-Automatic Task Killer (Google)
-Adobe Reader (Android Market)
-Google Reader (Android Market)
-Wall Street Journal Reader (Google)
-Google Translate (Android Market)
-Cloud Print

Here is how to fix the low speaker volume  << This link no longer works and I do not remember what the fix for this issue was. I can't find it on Google webcache either. If you know what this fix was please use the link below to contact me. 

Here is the MFG site with the stock ROM

Here is a website with a lot of APKs

I have all my files from this project on a DVD. I'm not uploading all of them. A list of what I have is below. If there is a link, then the you can download the file from here otherwise let me know which file you want and I'll send it to you. Click this giant link to contact me.

Rooting Tool
Slatedroid Singularity M003s BETA v2.zip
Slatedroid Singularity M009S Final v5 (WMT1.5.0 Based).zip
Vestinious M003s Firmware.zip
Working ROM

$ ls '/shared/WM8650 Roms/HYBRiD_WM8650_UBEROID_1.3.0_v5'
CHANGELOG.txt  CHANGER.bat  CHANGER.dat  FirmwareInstall  wmt_scri

$ ls '/shared/WM8650 Roms/Rooting Tool'
ConnectBot.apk  howto.txt  su  Superuser.apk  update.sh

$ ls '/shared/WM8650 Roms/Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v153'
CHANGER.exe    FirmwareInstall                    wmt_scriptcmd
Changer_files  Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v153.txt
$ ls '/shared/WM8650 Roms/Working ROM' FirmwareInstall  FlashInstaller  UDROIDX 1.5.5.txt  wmt_scriptcmd


I recently bought another tablet which I thought was the exact same as the previous tablet mentioned here. However I couldn't get the previous method to work. This tablet has a green led and red led when charging instead of the blue led / red led combination on the previous tablet and the back button has an arrow on it instead of a square. 

If you want to skip how it works or how to do it yourself, I've posted zip folders of the final sdcard contents produced via the below steps. These links are here at the bottom of the page.

Here's the basic method that worked for Uberoid 10,11 and 12:

Get Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v10.1. This is the latest v10 of HCH's roms please go support his work on their forms, this site is just a way for me to remember what I did. 
UPDATE: I've upgraded to Uberoid 11 and then to Uberoid 12* neither of which has really been worth the time. Version 12 is themed to look like Ice Cream Sandwich but it's still Android 2.2 at the end of the day. I've also successfully flashed Windows CE 6 on this tablet which works better than android except that I was missing a lot of the drivers. If someone is interested in helping me with this, please contact me. 

*Uberoid 12 Warning: Extra bloatware is in this version plus it is missing the su binary for root access. I ultimately went back to 11 after upgrading. Version 12 does have a newer market app with more apps available.
  1. I then installed option 10 with the RT3070 option in the changer. If the changer doesn't work or you'd rather do it yourself, here's the relevant lines from the bat file:

    Text Box

    copy Changer_files\env\m012s FirmwareInstall\env\env_uboot /y
    if errorlevel 1 set errorfound=1
    copy Changer_files\uzImageGREEN.bin FirmwareInstall\uzImage.bin /y
    if errorlevel 1 set errorfound=1
    copy Changer_files\wmt_scriptcmd8 .\wmt_scriptcmd /y
    if errorlevel 1 set errorfound=1
    if exist "%CD%\FirmwareInstall\packages\fs_patch\root_patch\lib\modules\\rt3070sta.ko" del "%CD%\FirmwareInstall\packages\fs_patch\root_patch\lib\modules\\rt3070sta.ko"
    echo                                         #######################################
    echo                                         ##      Changed config to M012s      ##
    if /i 1 GEQ %errorfound% goto error 
    echo                                         #######################################
    goto eof

    type Changer_files\CHANGER.dat
    if exist "%CD%\firmwareinstall\packages\xtra_modules.tgz" echo      Extra modules are currently loaded, press any key to unload, ctrl+c to break.&&pause>nul&&del "%CD%\firmwareinstall\packages\xtra_modules.tgz"&&goto bof
    if not exist "%CD%\firmwareinstall\packages\xtra_modules.tgz" echo      Press any key to load extra modules, ctrl+c to break.&&pause>nul&&copy /y "%CD%\Changer_files\xtra_modules.tgz" "%CD%\firmwareinstall\packages"&&goto bof
    goto bof

    type Changer_files\CHANGER.dat
    if exist "%CD%\firmwareinstall\packages\xtra_mods_cifs_tun.tgz" echo      Extra CIFS and TUN modules are currently loaded, press any key to unload, ctrl+c to break.&&pause>nul&&del "%CD%\firmwareinstall\packages\xtra_mods_cifs_tun.tgz"&&goto bof
    if not exist "%CD%\firmwareinstall\packages\xtra_mods_cifs_tun.tgz" echo      Press any key to load extra modules, ctrl+c to break.&&pause>nul&&copy /y "%CD%\Changer_files\xtra_mods_cifs_tun.tgz" "%CD%\firmwareinstall\packages"&&goto bof
    goto bof

    if exist firmwareinstall\packages\android2.2-uberoid_phone_support.tgz echo.&&echo   Uberoid has already phone support. Enter UNPHONE to remove phone support.&&echo.&&pause&&goto eofx
    if not exist "%CD%\firmwareinstall\packages\android2.2-uberoid_phone_support.tgz" copy /y "%CD%\Changer_files\android2.2-uberoid_phone_support.tgz" "%CD%\firmwareinstall\packages"
    type Changer_files\CHANGER.dat
    if errorlevel == 0 echo Û      Uberoid has now phone support.&&pause&&goto bof

    copy Changer_Files\rt3070sta.ko FirmwareInstall\packages\fs_patch\root_patch\lib\modules\\rt3070sta.ko /y
    type Changer_files\CHANGER.dat
    echo Û      Uberoid has now RT3070v2 support.
    pause >nul
    goto bof

  2. ROM will load and boot but the calibration of the touch screen is way off. At first I thought the touch screen wasn't working. You have to play with it a while to manage to get to the calibration screen you may find using a usb keyboard with the adapter make this easier. 
  3. Then there is a problem with the batter indicator not being accurate. Do this: http://www.techknow.t0xic.nl/forum/index.php?topic=152.0

    Text Box

    How To recognize this problem?
    * the battery meter in the task bar has only a few steps: 100, 80, 60, 40, 20..

    so the best way to check if your battery is stuck on 100% is to look under "settings" \ "about device". If it's stuck on 100%, then you need to fix!

    Please report which number in the changer has this problem, it will be resolved next version.

    For those who want to fix it now:
    1. Get ConnectBot
    2. Connect local
    3. SU <enter>
    4. wmtenv set wmt.vt160x.bat 0:1:10:0 <enter>
    5. reboot!
    6. if this setting fails, you can try wmt.vt160x.bat 1:0:10:0, some models require this value.

  4. I removed some apps and updated at will.
  5. Use common sense when using community built apps and ROMs. If it looks fishy don't use it.
  6. You will find that a lot of apps don't show up in the App market but will still run on this device. I will probably end up copying the APKs from other Android devices I have laying around and posting them to the files section here if I can. If not I'll try to link.

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