Rc Foamy

          Below are printable JPG plans!     Click Here for PDF!
 I have created these plans drawn by hand to help as a guide while creating a foam rc airplane. They can be stenciled with depron or foam board. I am currently perfecting the sizes of the cutouts and updating to ensure the best quality of the plans. Be sure to "test" print the size of the fuselage and wing to make sure they are the size that you want them before printing all plans. The printer may resize the images. To resize, expand in an editing program equally for each image once you find the size airplane you want to make. You can make a micro 18" 3d plane or a larger plane over 40" wingspan with these plans by resizing. Right now by saving... previewing and printing it is making the plane smaller than I intended (approx 18" wingspan) from the editing software. See bottom of page for calculations for your desired wingspan for this model.


For reference on building the landing gear covers see the Making of the 28" version in the video below! New Landing gear cover plans!

Here is a video guide to building this custom designed aircraft!

YouTube Video

Expand the pictures, save. Resize to desired airplane size with an editing program equally with all pictures. Then cut-out the shapes and use them as a guide to make your rc airplane. 
These plans can make many different sizes. SEE BELOW FOR EASY SIZE CALCULATIONS!!
Below are JPG images that might need to be resized in printer options.
 Match A will need to be sized to match the windshield. Match B will also need to be cut to size to match.
 These plans are not perfect, only hand drawn. You may need to do slight modifications to sizes. Black stick on the top left is the length of the optional tail carbon fiber reinforment stick.
 Don't overlap the black marks, just butt them together.
New Landing Gear Assembly Plan!

See youtube video's for the latest build guide's! Http://www.youtube.com/FreeRcSimulators.com/
See a complete Making of a 28" wingspan version with these plans! WITH MAIDEN FLIGHT!!

YouTube Video


For Jpeg images above, Resize for desired wingspan.

    Using Paint click "Image" then "Resize/skew..." change both Horizontal and Vertical under "Resize" from 100% to the new size (change both to the same amount, such as 52 and 52 for a 37.6" wingspan airplane plan). Change all of the sizes before printing in all plans for equal sizes from the original plans.

Approximate wingspan with new "Resize" option.

30% = 21.5" 

40% = 28"

50% = 36"

52% = 37.6"

55% = 39"

60% = 42 3/4"

62% = 44 1/4"

Ian Kvidt 2012. For recreational use only, please no copying for profit. Hand drawn plans and information are the sole property of it's owner. The owner of this site takes no responsibility and can and will not be held accountable for any type of loss or injury because of this site, all safety precautions need to be considered before taking on a similar project. All information is up to the consumer to be used safely and no responsibility can be held towards the owner or creator of the information or this site.