Subbuteo table soccer is the greatest table soccer simulation game ever invented. This site is dedicated to teaching the newcomer the rules and playing techniques of this great game. This project is a joint venture with the subbuteo supply internet store TablesoccerUSA and the American Subbuteo Association. We hope that you enjoy the videos and welcome suggestions you may have for further additions via comments that you leave.
 Paul Eyes

Playing the game

 Flicking Techniques
 Setting Up The Game
 The Field Explained
 Goal Kicks and Corners
 Free Kicks & Throw ins
 Scoring a Goal
 The Spare Goalie
 Penalty Area Infractions
 The Quadrant Rule
 Backs and Moving Backs

Table Soccer Equipment Explained

 Bases and Figures
Table Building Tips
 Varnishing Bases

Advanced Tactics & Techniques

 Goalkeeping Part 1
 Goalkeeping Part 2
 Advancing Figures

Game Action

 See the game of subbuteo being played by top players from here in the US and around the world.

 2010 Holiday Silver Final: Zach Walker v Paul Eyes
Denmark GP 2009: Kegenbein v Staal Nilsson
FISTF 2008 WC:Bolognino v Wlodarczyk
FISTF 2008 WC:Flores v Amberny
FISTF 2008 WC: Bertelli v Georgette
FISTF 2008 WC: Flores v Mallia

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