Your dog can become a service dog

People with disabilities do not have it easy in their life. When challenged by their limitations, they need to seek support for the simplest of tasks. Many physically challenged people around the world live independently just like any other healthy person through just a little help and cooperation by others. One common and highly effective way to deal with the daily challenges is to get a service dog. When i have my own pet, it is a good idea to register my dog as a service dog.

You might be wondering “ how to make my dog a service dog”? The term, 'service dog' broadly covers all dogs who have been trained to help people with disabilities carry out their day to day activities. This term includes guide dogs (dogs who help visually impaired individuals), hearing dogs (dogs who support the deaf), mobility assistance dogs (dogs that help those with mobility issues), etc. A service dog can also be trained to help those with conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, autism, seizures, and other mental as well as physical disabilities.

how to make my dog a service dog

Apart from the basic benefits a service dog provides its owner, another good news is that they become your companions without you having to incur any extra costs. They get to fly on the airplane with you for free, can be allowed in a house where pets are prohibited, and are protected by the American with Disabilities Act. There is no business or apartment that can charge you for keeping a service dog and cannot ask the animal to leave unless he or she is behaving in a disruptive manner.

You might ask how to make your dog a service dog? If you own a pet and want him or her to become a service dog to support you or one of your acquaintances, it is important to train the dog. The specific training required to become a certified service dog is has three basic areas – manners, obedience, and task training. A dog needs to be legally trained to be registered as a service dog.

The government imposes no restriction on the sex, breed, or age of the dogs. In other words, almost any dog can be registered as a service dog as long as they are helping and supporting the disabled person. Most people like to train their own service dogs because it is not exactly an accurate approach to treat all people with disabilities in the same manner. Everyone faces their own unique challenges based on their life and occupation. Thus, they have different requirements from a service dog.

Some people would like a service dog to bring them medication whenever they show symptoms of their condition while others would like them to relieve them of anxiety (those with an anxiety disorder). Individuals who have a disability stemming from their legs would need support while walking or assistance when using the staircase. Some would need help to keep suspicious strangers away since physically challenged people are an easy and vulnerable target for many cons.