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iso hash (3)

iso hash is a type of hash oil. it can be used by smokeing or eating. usealy put on top of bud and smoked.
you also in stead of fresh herb or trim you may use the old bud that you used to make bubble hash.

keep away from open flame at all times!

what will i need?
91-99% isopropyl alcohol
1 jar
coffee filter
extra try to but hot water into and place the jar in
step 1
grind herb. put herb into jar
step 2
add isopropyl alcohol about one inch more than bud
and shake every five min for 20 min
step 3
filter you isopropyl alcohol/herb mixture
step 4
put the green colored isopropyl alcohol/herb mixture in to jar if not alredy
and let sit till all the isopropyl alcohol dissapates
extra step
add hot water to a jar bigger than the jar with your hashoil in and put the jar with the oil in this will make you wait less for you hash oil.
how to use
you can smoke or eat iso hash