How To Make Baseboard Heater Covers

    baseboard heater
  • As a type of heating equipment, a system in which either electric resistance coils or finned tubes carrying steam or hot water are mounted behind shallow panels along baseboards. Baseboards rely on passive convection to distribute heated air in the space.
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how to make baseboard heater covers
how to make baseboard heater covers - Cadet Electric
Cadet Electric Baseboard Heater - 120 Volt, 500 Watt, White, Model# 2f500w-1w
Cadet Electric Baseboard Heater - 120 Volt, 500 Watt, White, Model# 2f500w-1w
The Cadet 500 Watt Electric Baseboard Heater is the ideal choice for low-cost installation, while quiet operation welcome comfort make it the preferred heater for bedrooms, utilizing convection to circulate air. Easy to install for remodel, new construction, or cold room applications. Primary Heating Application: Baseboard, BTU Output: 1,705, Volts: 120, Amps: 4.17, Watts: 500, Blower Included: No, Heat Settings: 1, Thermostat Included: No, Receptacle Type Required: Hardwire, Remote Included: No, Thermal Cutoff Safety Device: Oversized high temperature limit switch with full-length capillary sensor tube, Dimensions W x D x H (in.): 30 x 2 1/2 x 6 3/4

Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge
Covered bridge in Stone Mountain State Park outside Atlanta.
how to make baseboard heater covers
how to make baseboard heater covers
AF410A AirFlow Breeze, Quiet Register Booster Fan, Almond Color 4" x 10" opening
Color: Almond Give Your Heating and Cooling System a Boost! Increase your comfort, and save money too! If you have a room that doesn't get its fair share of warm or cool air from your heating / air conditioning system, the AirFlow Breeze could be your solution. Once you set your target comfort level, the built-in temperature sensor takes over. It will direct the powerful, yet quite fan to pull extra warm or cool air out of weak registers, increasing air flow, and delivering the comfort you demand. Technical Specs Size: The AirFlow Breeze is 4" x 10" to fit most standard vent openings, Material: Flame-retardant plastic, Power Requirements: 115 VAC converted to 12VDC 500mA (adapter included), Includes six (6) foot power cord in a matching color, Power Consumption: 8 Watts, Fan Speed: The AirFlow Breeze has three fan settings, Fast Speed 100 cubic feet per minute (cfm), Medium Speed 70 cubic feet per minute (cfm), Slow Speed 40 cubic feet per minute (cfm), Temperature setting range: Heat - Off - Cool, UL approval: UL-507 USA and Canada, Covered by a one year limited warranty from date of purchase, Comes complete, easy to read instructions.