Welcome to the 'Quadruped Robot Dog' Home Page

This website attempts to educate the reader about the process of making a robot.  It contains information about the process of building a quadruped robot, including instructions, so that the ambitious reader can gather insight and motivation for their own robotic creation.  Feel free to use this information to duplicate, educate, capitalize, or anything you wish!

After a re-design of the body in the last couple days, this picture is now outdated.  I've added an LCD, a real-time clock, a PIR motion sensor, reduced the thickness of the body by a full inch, and moved the NiMH batteries to below the body plate.  The source code is up to date.  Check back soon for more recent pictures/videos.

Project History:

ECE191 Group Design Project course in Winter 2011 at UCSD assigned our team of 4 students to make a quadruped robot capable of walking, and instructions on how it can be reproduced.  We were supplied with LEGO mindstorm parts, but I thought it would be better to build something from raw materials.  I was interested in the mechanical freedom involved and in keeping the robot after having personally bought the materials.  After a talk with the professor, I split off to design and build this robot myself while the other three made a robot using the supplied LEGO parts.  The result was two very different robots and two sets of documentation.  Here is the documentation for the LEGO build.  
Alex Higgins