How to Use the Tool

While on your profile, click Add Riff (in the grey bar above your posts) or click the big green, "Create a Riff", button at the top of the page.

Go to to find the video you'd like to Riff and copy the URL.

Once you have the link:
1. Click "Create with Youtube"  
2. Paste it into the area provided  
3. Click save!

Once the video loads up you can begin!
Start by moving the GREY video scrubber located about the video timeline - this allows you to find the area of the video you want to make a gif out of.

So you're looking at the scene you want to turn into a gif, now move the BLUE gif scrubber to the same area as the GREY video scrubber
(If you decide you want to change the scene, you can move the BLUE gif scrubber and the GREY video scrubber will follow it.)

Once you've got the location just about right, you can pin point your gif to the exact 10th of a second below the scrubber in the Gif Timeline, by dragging the Gif Selection Area.
You drag by clicking on one of the two blue lines on either side of the Gif Selection Area.

OPTIONAL: Now that you've got your gif looking just right, you might want to add a caption to it. You can do this for a few reasons, like someone is saying something in the gif or as the creator you want to say something ABOUT the gif. Remember, this is optional.

Once you're finished with the Gif (caption or no caption), just hit  save scene  .

Wait a few seconds and you will see the scene you just saved, pop up and start playing.
You can add another scene to your gif by click the youtube or upload button below the gif, adding the same (or different) youtube link and clicking  next .
(if you want your gif to only have one scene, just leave it like this)

So you've decided you want your gif to have multiple scenes, eh? Well, you can choose multiple layouts and move the scenes around.
Simply click one of the two buttons below the "Layout" text. 
You can also click and drag scenes to move them around!

Once you've finished all your scenes and you like your Gif, make sure to add it to one of your collections and supply the link to the original video. 
Both of these can be found to the right of your gif.

You're almost done with your gif. Just add a description, some tags (so other users can easily find your gif) and categorize it (another way to make it easier to find). 
If it's already in a collection it will automatically post in the same category as that collection.

Now just hit save!

Congrats! You just made a gif with Redux!